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  1. We want a new house!!! I started it and he has excel at this hobby of ours.
  2. DH did it with the help of creditboards. 1-2 punch and they are gooooone.......I'm so happy I started dancing to hammertime....lol. I got all 4 of them deleted and Portfolio sent me letters stating they have requested deletion of these accounts from my CR. DH I LOVE YOU BUD.
  3. i agree, the ring is just for show to friends and family. I rather have a home then something to parade on my fingers. You can always get a bigger ring later. Save that money. Done that did that!
  4. LOL I love the 1-2 Jack Nut Punch. Thanks for sharing your story. I had begun to think this PRA and EOS will be stuck until the seven years. I'll will try after all they are updating these accounts frequently.
  5. Waiting will give you larger limits. Patience is a gift......God obviously didn't shower me with that gift however I will be farming and counting down the days..
  6. i'm a bad farmer....i like instantaneous growth!
  7. Thanks for the direction!!!! I'm super excited to potentially have hope.
  8. Thanks my walmart fico 615, the last date of approval for cc-Jan 2015. I'm most definitely in Cap1 credit steps, I make sure all my cards including my son's cards are paid off before the statement generates. I had several charge off's but they all are reporting zero balance, I did pay two OC accounts in nov to reduce the utilization. My DH thinks my action harmed my score but I've tried to explain why I had to pay the charge off OC's reporting a balance. The phone bill is a lot of money.....My dear sister was being scammed by a con-artist in London so she used the phone that I had given her to place calls internationally to talk to her lover boy. I didn't know she was making that many calls until later; I couldn't afford to pay the phone bill so I had to let that charge off. My sister isn't going to pay the phone bill. SOL is 3 years. Thanks for responding!!!!
  9. I was denied for my Walmart CLI backdoor, I hate this feeling of being a failure. Still have several baddies on transunion, equifax and experian. My spouse credit soaring while my credit is hanging in limbo. Any suggestions other than wait? I have 4 secured cards Cap1-1000, Nfcu-1000, Usaa amex -500, Usaa master-500; unsecured cards: Cap 1-500, Cap 1 quicksilver 500, walmart store 300, VS-250, JCrew 250; AU on my 18 year old accounts AMEX- 1000, AMEX Everyday -500, Chase freedom-1200; AU on my spouse account AMEX gold-unknown. Low uti. My report baddies: Debt validation completed they sent the amount owed, original creditor, date of purchase. Most of these will fall off in 2016-2017. 1) portfolio-700.00 "reported monthly, sometimes daily as a new charge off account" 2) portfolio-400.00 "reported monthly, sometimes daily as a new charge off account" 3) portfolio-1,300.00 " " 4) portfolio- 800.00 " " Other baddies: These will fall off between 2016-2017 also NCA-1400.00 EOS ATT- 2700.00 debt validated came back verified with previous billing statements. Enhance recovery ATT- 1700.00 I had only one at&t account so I'm not sure who have the right to report this debt. My DH told me not to debt validate Enhance recovery yet because I'm in the process of punching the PRA accounts and he doesn't want my reports flagged as suspicious. I was planning on sending Enhance a DV letter because EOS has somewhat validated although without a signed contract. What to do? Late Payments: Car loan- several past 30 days a couple past 60 days, up to date on payments since July 2014 Student Loans-several 30,60 90 days late placed in forbearance currently since Aug 2014 (last late July 2014) attempted goodwill but was a no go.
  10. you aren't responsible for this account unless you cosign. I disputed as au on two accounts. CRA's removed the accounts.
  11. dmv or insurance company. Heck you might can even try Lexis Nexis

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