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  1. I am I am asking for a friendDid anyone have a luck to add someone with the bankruptcy as a authorized user to a Amex card ?And do you need to give the Social Security number
  2. I will try that but I don’t wanna wake it up so they start updating it in cases they don’t agree for a pay for deleting
  3. WEBBANK/FINGERHUT FRESHSAccount Number636992XXXXXXXXXXAccount TypeSales ContractResponsibilityIndividualDate Opened07/11/2013StatusClosed. $117 written off.Status Updated08/02/2014Balance i have This old charge off of I pay it will my score to increase or just ignore it ??
  4. To pay a old charge off ? To pay a old charge off ?
  5. I wonder if it still works this method ?
  6. Asking for someone does it need to be 2 open accounts to effect the score or if one is reported as closed and one open will this also work ?
  7. My brother he Just started building the credit no score was generated till I did him a AU on 2 3 years old good standing accounts now score shows up Experian 647 Fico 2 inq Equifax Fico 667 2 inq Tu 716 Fico 1 inq I wonder why they are diff scores the charge off shows only on Experian Is it because TU has only inq ?
  8. FINGERHUT charge offI have a 77$ from 2014 as a closed charge offCan anyone confirm if a charge off Under 100$ does not effect a score or it does ?Just to make it clear it’s a charge off and not a collectionIf it does effect my score If I pay it and it will say payed will it change my score ?
  9. I always wondered unless i give the credit card issuer my proof of income wen they asks for it like my pay stubs or text return to Do they have a different Method to Verify my income?
  10. My sister added me as a Authorized user on her Nordstrom card since her card is 12 years old so I wanted with the age of my “reportAnyone know wen will it show on my report ?And also the last names are same but address are diff and they didn’t ask for my ss wen she added me will it still come up on my report ?
  11. Na I think it’s over but they just don’t wanna say it
  12. I just spoke to navy federal credit union I was told using a cc convenient check is the apr of the purchase APR witch mine is 10.24% and it can be used up to the cash adavancd limitThe interesting part is that it pays me more to use this then the CLOC that is 15.24% apr wen When I use it sometimes for cash for a few days and pay it off right awayI assume that even though it’s a purchase apr it It has interest from the minute you cash a check?
  13. That explains me Why are it takes forever for them in the payment to be posted how about penfed also do it manually?
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