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  1. NFCU cash rewards $12,500 NFCU go rewards $12,500 Lowes $10k
  2. I would just port your number out to another carrier. I know most of them pay phone/contract cancellation fees up to $650 per line so that would at least help a little!
  3. For AZ residents there's also desert schools federal credit union
  4. +7 to 674! [emoji1360]
  5. Everything I have read says they pull EX. That's what mine was as well. Called EO to forward my app to UW to recon this morning.... Will hear back in 2 business days. I'm seeing approvals with profiles similar to mine so I thought why not try! Fingers crossed- we do all of our shopping at Costco and this would be great!
  6. I was declined for the card today. I have a DC with $1k and Best Buy with 1k as well. Sad face. Citi doesn't love me yet.
  7. Agreed! To each their own.
  8. I love my apple products. I have a whole apple ecosystem lol
  9. Computer declined me, i've called twice and been told twice that they cannot reconsider and I can only reapply..... Weird. Sync has never loved me enough to offer their MC products though I've got good limits with a few of their store cards. I'll wait until my score is over 700 before I try again.
  10. Just wanted to share in case someone missed this. Sorry if it's been posted before!! https://youtu.be/aRrDsbUdY_k

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