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  1. My final plan is to not pay anymore AF fees on the cards so I will PC or move limits and close regardless, I was just trying not to let the rewards go to waste especially if I could use them in place of cash, although I do have the cash if I need it, I also have my passport, it's a round trip from Memphis to Yuma, but also this yr I'm going to Canada for sure and possibly Costa Rica, I simply just never attempted to ever use any rewards or miles yet, I've been rebuilding my credit since 2014
  2. Yeah i was kind of leaning more towards Yuma, but which card should I use? Cap 1 Venture since it's due first? I've never use any rewards points at all on anything so I didn't know if i could go ahead and book with the card before AF hits, even though I'm not leaving until July, which is after the AF is already due
  3. I'm planning a dental visit to Los Algodones Mexico maybe in July, I have a few AF cards that I'm planning on canceling before the fee hits again Just wondering which one would be best for this trip, I'm either flying to San Diego, getting a rental car then driving 2.5hrs to Yuma Az, then walking over the border, or maybe just flying straight into Yuma AZ and catch a shuttle to the border, haven't decided yet... I'm planning on seeing Dr. Rubio or going through Dayo Dental for a few implants So far the roundtrip tickets are ranging around $435 on up, really don't know how many days i will be staying on the first visit yet, I will be emailing them Xrays this wk, here's what i have in travel cards in order of AF due Capital One Venture 50,000 reward miles AF due May 1 2018 (Closing after I use the reward miles, combining credit limit with my Venture One if possible) Chase Sapphire Preffered 59,355 UR point AF due Nov. 15 2018 (Combining UR points and credit limit over to Chase Freedom before closing) Barclays Aviator Red 52,494 reward miles AF due Dec. 31 2018 ( Closing before AF and combining CL to Barclay Cash Forward) Here's a few more non AF cards with rewards that I have if I need to do a hotel stay, rental car, or a few more plane trips if I burn through the miles on the AF cards Cap 1 Venture One 26,089 reward miles Amex 131,334 MR points Amex Spg 33,893 points Amex Hilton Honors(formerly Citi) 82,054 points
  4. ^ Plus there are some unmentioned organizations as discussed in the last couple pages. Thank you for your reply. My grandfather was in the military however and he has passed away. Unfortunately I do not have any of his documents. Same here, My grandfather served in WWII, passed in the late 80s, I also dont have any documents, would i be able to use some kind of copy of documents if i go to the library? (Mississipi Archives) although I'm in Tn right now
  5. What do you mean "points towards" rate? And how do I buy the rate down? The loan I have is a direct loan from Usda, when I first got approved it was at 3%, then the lady at Usda called and told me that I should hurry and find something soon because the rates are steady going back up
  6. I was approved for a Usda Rural development loan (TN) for a max of $138k, found a home (3 bd/2 ba, 1721sq ft) for $108,900 for 33yrs @ 3.25%, the estimated payments are $598.68 that's if i go with the 0% down payment option I would like to get my monthly payments down a little more, I can afford to put down 5% ($5500) maybe a little more What would be the best way to go about doing this? Should I just put the $5500 down at closing or just do the 0% down then later on just pay the $5500 towards the principle? I'm a 1st time home buyer so this is all new to me, should be closing within 30 days hopefully Btw seller is paying closing costs, paying for 1yr warranty, leaving all appliances (refrig,stove, washer & dryer), also leaving the riding mower Credit utilization is around 1-2%, I dont carry a balance (so far) Thanks to you guys help!!
  7. My limit started at $400 12/2014 it's at $20k now
  8. 2 accounts under one login Sp offer for Hilton card, Hp offer for Simplicity, both about a month shy of six months Took the Sp on the Hilton approved $1500 increase. $4600>$6100
  9. I had about 8-9 2day msgs before I finally got a $6k increase yesterday, it's close to the 60 day mark for me so I'll just wait 60 days out next time
  10. I had about 2 flat out denials, and around 7 or 8 2day msgs before the $6k increase yesterday somewhere around the 60 day mark for me since my last increase
  11. 2 day msg yesterday, this evening $19,250>$25,250 My highest limit by $250

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