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  1. Haha of course I didn’t tell him . I came here because I knew you guys would know or heard of something about this type of operation . I was here when people were doing the credit inquiry trick and other tricks . I’m sure his old report will resurface in the coming weeks .
  2. It’s weird they mention car loans in here because all this happened at my cousins car dealership .
  3. Yeah I advised him to not do it back when he started the process . He owns a successful car dealership and this guy came in one day to buy a vehicle. They started chatting and the guy ended up offering him to fix his credit for free if he can get him high end customers ( the people that can’t get approved for car loans ) that can pay the minimum 3k for the service. So all this is a test run to see if it’s legit. I will update on here if and when everything goes back to his credit report .
  4. It’s gotta be something like this . I forgot to mention the credit inquiries they’re all gone too . What really blew my mind was that he even deleted the inquiry from the discover approval I mentioned above . It’s been two months since it all started we’ll see if it lasts .
  5. I saw it with my own eyes . Notifications left and right from the credit bureaus telling him such and such was dropped . I swear to you this man got a repo , judgment and a shit ton of collection gone within weeks . All the phone numbers and addresses are gone to . One thing I noticed this time was a letter in his last name was changed . The man has a line of people begging him to take their 3k to fix their reports . Its freakin crazy . I’ve followed this forum and other credit forums for years and never heard of such a thing . I know the whychat methods and other methods I’ve done throughout the years but nothing like this . This man is offering people a blank slate . It’s unbelievable . Not even black listed on the creditors he burned . Could that one letter in his name make that much of a difference? Same social security number.
  6. I’m talking about 1-2 year old collection like T-mobile , Chase , Discover , car repo , and several others . Not only that but Discover that he owed 10k approved him for 5k a few weeks after the collection was dropped . How ? Edit: And a judgment gone !!
  7. How are these guys doing it ? My cousin had his credit report cleaned of all collections and late payments . My credit is excellent but it kinda boggled my mind how everything is gone and his score went from 550’s to 740’s within weeks . I’m not gonna go into the details because I’m not sure about the rules on this but it was a service he acquired from a single person ( not a bs credit repair company ) . I thought it might be some type of jamming technique but It’s been about a couple months and his report is still perfect . Can someone explain please ? Obviously the guy told me to F off when I asked him how he did it .
  8. This is great information! From your perspective, who would be the banks that typically issue cards to a market with higher credit scores? Thanks! Amex BofA Chase Citi US Bank Penfed
  9. Doesn't matter because charge cards don't report utilization . I think Equifax reports your highest ever balance as your credit limit but I'm not positive on wether they calculate utilization .
  10. My mom just applied for her first CC with income of 35k and got 15k limit . Chase freedom . The only thing on her reports is a one year old AU cap 1 card with $500 limit .
  11. That depends on a what the overall profile looks like to begin with. If 6 months is your target, definitely don't seek any new credit or accumulate any new inquiries until after you secure the mortgage. Do whatever you can to reduce/eliminate utilization on your current accounts. Aside from that.........??? Edit - if you have any negative items on your reports now would be the time to see what can be done about it. A lot can be accomplished in 6 months (validation, disputes, etc.) but you should probably get your paper reports and 'possibly' even purchase your 04 scores to get a current snapshot of where you are now. If you don't have any negatives then there's nothing to work on with that, just throwing it out there for anyone reading. Also possible you could talk to a lender and do a "pre-app" to get a snapshot of where you are and what you need to work on. Maybe others could weigh in? I've gotten tips from tweak and others. I had only one very bad negative which was a lien. I Just had that deleted from all 3 CRA's and will have it deleted from LexisNexis in a few weeks just to be sure. I have no other negatives aside from several 1 year old inquires and a few from last month. My main weakness is a thin file. One 10 year old revolver, no lates. 2 new revolvers last month. I've kept a 0% util over the past 6 months. Will start using the $2 trick from this point on. One new $5k personal loan to be PIF next month, no lates. My EQ FICO 08 was 701 two months ago before the loan or new revolvers or lien delete. I can only guess what my score will be in 6 months. I'm shooting for 750+. 5+ revolvers is actually best. I'd get 2 more pronto. I'm with you. I'm going to stay on a holding pattern with what I got. With all the recent activity my scores may have taken a hit. I need a few months of activity with my new CC to get them back up. I don't want anymore unnecessary delays for my mortgage app. Don't do anything . Your more than good for a great mortgage rate just the way your reports are right now . with only 4 CC's and the oldest being 15 months I got close to the best rate in my area .
  12. I usually say " I called a couple months ago and a supervisor told me to call back around this time and request my collections be deleted for age .. He/she said TU makes it possible to delete collection a few months early " . Something along those lines . It worked for me .

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