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  1. Ok date of first delinquency was in 2000. It is Indiana state university. I had a pell grant and had to go half time, so I lost my grant for 2000. Then I also had a bill for living on campus which was in the same year. I disputed the validity, statue of limitations, etc. I have disputed it for almost 18 months. The CRA's just kept saying it remains and has been disputed according to the fair credit reporting act etc. This is just a regular collection account.
  2. I cant believe it either. 15 years old then they are reporting it as the date opened in 2010 and started reporting 2013. How can they?
  3. A public university. The zombie debt is because I had a grant but had to leave school so I owe the money. It's for that and living on campus.
  4. It's 15 years old and the statue is 6 years. I just received the complaint form from the bbb, but I would like to resolve it sooner.
  5. Hi all I had an old collection account from 2000 with my school for $4495. It went to collections and dropped off without being paid. In 2010 I was billed for a small service for $220, but I had a scholarship for this amount. In 2013 the $220 went to the same collection agency, and they decided to bring the zombie debt into the present and combine the two debts. I disputed it over and over again, to no avail. I even received nasty letters from Credit World but they listed the itemized school debts and the dates. I have since gotten a letter from My school saying they are removing the $220 debt. So my question is, doesn't Credit World have to remove this from my credit report? The only charge left is the zombie debt. They refuse to remove it, but don't they have to?
  6. Any suggestions on how to deal with this one? They will not remove it. The same guy at the CA has been handling it and he seems determined to make me pay. (Not happening)
  7. My next situation is, there is a 14 year old debt I have with a school, not a student loan. 2 years ago the school added a bogus charge to reage the debt, I believe. It is still with the original creditor and they still have a relationship. They added a 200 dollar charge, and the old charges are 4400. Now they are on my credit for 4600 and are acting like this is legit. They are sending nasty letters, and report it almost every month
  8. The letter says it will not be reported on any CRAs nor will they sue. So I guess what is the point of the letter?!
  9. Wow thank you for all the help. Portfolio recovery is Sears original collection agency. Smh. They said (in the letter) I have until the 21 to contact them. I just got it and I have a week? And it's in my maiden name. I've been married for 12 yrs. I deleted my maiden name and spouse and old addresses from all reports a couple of months ago. Do I do a dv letter by certified mail?
  10. Wow. This is very disheartening. Random people can pull your credit? Ohhhh I just got a letter from them saying I have a 14 yr old debt with them. They pulled my husbands credit too. If I put a security freeze on it will that work?
  11. How do they have permission? A junk debt buyer who isn't on my credit at all and search America? Isn't that a site you use to get research on where a person lives works etc?
  12. hi, I opted out about 7 weeks ago. TU and EQ have it online that I am opted out. I check my CRAs almost daily because of the disputes. Today I noticed that before 8 a.m. my EX report has been pulled by portfolio recovery services and also search america. How is this possible?
  13. Ok well thank you for everything! Guess what, I found a "motion to dismiss proceedings supplemental" and disputed one of the judgements and the CRA's deleted it! I don't even know what that means. It still does say it's recorded at the court, but who cares?

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