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  1. Congrats!!! BB (citi) UW's are usually very generous Thank you! Yeah I noticed that. haha
  2. Well I bit the bullet and asked for a CLI at the 6 month mark and they increased my CL to $3k from $500! I was very surprised about that limit!
  3. I have tried the prequalifier on all except USBank and they all couldn't qualify me for anything. I'm assuming my credit isn't strong enough yet or something is holding me back from qualifying.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. It sounds like the credit union route might be the way to go for me. All of these cards have been good to me in rebuilding my credit but eventually I would like to get the bigger fish ones.
  5. I was wondering how I can go about getting the bigger Prime cards? Right now I have a couple of Capital One's, Barclay Rewards, and a Barclay's Apple Financing along with various store cards. So how can I go about getting one of the Prime ones say a Chase, Citi or Bank of America? I have recently gotten some nice CLI's on several of my cards which I'm not sure if they will help in the approval. I do have about 10-11 inquires though to keep in mind. Please help. Thank you.
  6. From the sounds of it, they HP all CLI requests. I don't have any of my reports frozen at the moment.
  7. I tried the pre-approval checker and it didn't find any offers for me unfortunately. I didn't know if it was worth a chance to apply for one and waste a HP.
  8. When I called for the CLI on Lowe's which was my first call, I didn't think about asking about any other accounts. So after I hung up, I thought about it and then called about Amazon and got the denial and then immediately asked about my Walmart card and got the approval. Today, I called about the PayPal Smart Connect and then asked about my TJMaxx. I done a separate call for JCPenney's. You can probably do them all in one call if you wanted to depending on the underwriters mood. They would put me on hold for about 2-3 minutes between accounts but it saves time from answering all the ques
  9. I was wondering when a good time would be to ask for a CLI on my Best Buy Gold MC? I've had the account since September of last year which makes it the 6th month mark and they gave me a $500 limit. I have about 10-11 inquires so I don't know if that will make a difference in the decision process. What is the best plan of action on this and would it be best to call the backdoor or use the luv button? Thank you.
  10. I thought about asking for 25k but was afraid that I wouldn't get a counter offer if I shot too high. I'll probably go for it next time. I opened my Amazon back in September of last year. They only gave me that one increase back in December but you are right about the luv button, it hasn't done a thing for any of my accounts that Synchrony services.
  11. All the increases I asked for is what I got. They didn't counter any of them. I probably asked too low for Lowe's but I didn't want to get completely denied without any counter offer.
  12. I've had a pretty good run on CLI's recently that I like to share. My Lowe's card, started off with a $300 limit and then they auto raised it to $600 last month. I called yesterday and they raised it to $5k! My Walmart card, started off with a $900 limit, was auto raised to $1k in December. Called yesterday and got it raised to $3k. My TJMaxx card, started off with a $250 limit, then was auto raised to $350 last month. I called them today and they raised it to $2k. My JCPenney's card, started off with $400 limit, then was auto raised to $650 last month. Just got off the phone with
  13. I just called and they bumped me to $5k! Thank you so much guys! This is my highest card to date!
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