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  1. I just got approved for walmart card 500 couple days ago highest limit next to my 450 amazon and 150 American eagle, amazon is a PIF walmart I won't use much mainly want the free fico, 685 TU fico for approval with 2 recent sync cards opened. Will PIF All sync cards for a few months and go after CLI on walmart and amazon, not to worried about that AE card
  2. Yea I know they trash your report as much as they can even if you do pay, if you add an item they close the TL and open another one sticking a giant stick up your AAOA'S BUTT without lube.
  3. You have me confused because this isn't want your original post says. If duplicate account numbers are on the same credit report, dispute them as duplicates. If not, Jack Attack the errors in the reporting. Yea I misread my report this is exactly what I have 4500 CO ONLY on TU 1500 CO showing on all three. Ex 120 days late. EQ and TU payed or paying as agreed.
  4. The 1500 is showing on all three, experian shows CO EQ and TU shows as payed/paying as agreed, all three have verified this via online dispute
  5. I searched jack attack on the forums but can't find anything on it other than references like u made. Can u explain it, or link me to an explanation.
  6. The beginning of the account numbers are the same yes but idk about the full account number.
  7. I had an account with Conns appliance store and had a few things from them.... each time you add an item with Conns they close the original TL and open a new one. I disputed these online (calm down before I knew not to do online disputes haha) but they came back verified. The problem is the lates are on the wrong TL. So I'm basically showing two charged off account one for 4500 and one for 1500 and the 1500 one showing 30-180 day lates when they should be on the 4500 one. Since they verified that info it's an FDCPA violation isn't it? What should I do from here? The 4500 CO is ONLY ON TU. EQ AND EX deleted. 1500 showing only on EQ AND EX. TU deleted. What action should I take.
  8. Oklahoma City
  9. Where do you live? Is your state an attempt to pay state? Also call the bank and ask them each bank has their own guidelines. They've recalled your repo once if u catch it up they should let you keep it.
  10. Okay all winter is coming up idk how many shooters we have on this board but I am a full time armed security officer work 72 hours a week and I need to find some good gloves that are good at keeping hands warm while still making it so I can accuratEly use my firearm and do other tasks. Any ideas?
  11. Usaa ccmp if u qualify otherwise mpm
  12. What does the actor's union have to do with this? Hahaha state adjutant general
  13. What mattneed is saying is great advice for maximizing your FICO score. OP's situation is a little different, in that he's worried about Balance Chasing. He's worried about having his account closed after payment. My apologies I didn't know that, what are the current balances and limit on these cards and how long have they been in the current status
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