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  1. Thank you BLQ. 2015 is going to be OUR year for happiness and independence and growing good credit and focusing on healing as well. Thank you BLQ. 2015 is going to be OUR year for happiness and independence and growing good credit and focusing on healing as well.
  2. Thanks and this will be the first thing reporting to my credit as I have nothing reporreporting but medical collections. Thanks again for letting me know what the lender did was wrong @marvbear.
  3. Thanks all that replied I meant to update this. Got a great job that I love back in December and it is $54K a year - bought a new hybrid for my commute and getting ready to start looking for a home rental closer to my new job as my apartment lease is up in 2 months
  4. @Marvbear - guess what?? I refinanced the car through Georiga Farm Bureau - with ME ON THE LOAN - got cheaper warranty - and getting a $3K check back from Ford for how much they charged extra on warranty and gap insurance. What they did was run the loan with my dad then called back in and had my dad add me to the loan and then we got the payoff from the Ford and now Payment is down and a refund coming to us. I just wanted to give you an update.
  5. Oh ok Marvbear thank you for clarifying that up I was freaking out. This will be the last time I ever need a signor. I am here to increase my scores and get credit and I am working it just slowly but getting there. I just needed a hybrid because of the miles and the cost of gas was eating me alive. My father wanted me to have the 15 model so that I can have it last a few years and yes it definitely will . Thank you all again for advice. And for clearing up what it meant. I appreciate each and everyone on here and in awe sometimes at the knowledge yall know. [emoji8]
  6. Yes it was a warranty so I never pay for oil changes or any other maintenance for the life of the car. But now I am confused on what Marv brought up about a straw purchase. I didn't know that even was a thing I read it. My dad was just trying to get me I a reliable car because he's Atlanta traffic is brutal. But we don't won't to break the law either :(. He has great credit and the dealer knew what we were doing before ever even meeting them in person and eve then we told them again and they were like ok. Ugh I will be so glad when I have credit one day [emoji29][emoji29][emoji29][emoji29]
  7. Thank you all for advice. I truly had no idea about this until I saw it yesterday. Should I ask to be placed on the losn? I was honest with this dealer which is a major ford dealer around here. I certainly do not wont to get my dad or I in trouble. But yes they knew I was laying the loan and the car was for me but my dad was attaining the loan and they asked if the statement go to my house or my dads. I said send to my house since I am paying it and not a peep out of them except ok Ms. Claus what is your mailing address. Again I didn't k ow and certainly didn't mean to post something that was illegal. Now what? My dad doesn't drive much and like I said 80. I am 39 and will have a long commute thus the hybrid car. Dang I am really concerned. Should we take it down and ask to have the loan re- done with me on as well ??
  8. I just googled it. I didn't know that even a thing but the dealer knew my dad was signing amd buying the car for me. And they asked me where to mail the payment statement to so I had no idea people here frown on that. Sorry
  9. I don't inderstand what a straw purchase means? You mean because my dad is signing me to get a car?
  10. Grrrr typing on my phone is driving me crazy maybe this third time is a charm. Please tell me How YOU would address this : *********names have been changed for obvious reasons************** I had gone on true car to get some prices for a Ford Fusion Hybrid and Doug with a local dealer one town over from me emailed me about the Magnetic color Ford Fusion Hybrid SE and said total drive out price would be $31,713.63 through Ford Credit. I still have email and even did a screen shot on my phone. I told him I was shopping around to get best rate and he emailed again last week to say he still has the car I wanted and he can do this for $31,895.20 drive out price (second email screen shot and not sure why price jumped $150) So I called him and set up for my father and I to come in Friday the 18fh to buy the car. He had sent me the quote on the 17th. My dad whom is 80 was signing the loan for me because I was a stay at home mom for years and had to enter in a battered women's shelter for 6 months with my kids due to severe abuse we endured at the hands of my ex husband. We finally moved into our apartment in March and are doing great. Because he was a control freak i have no credit score and some collections on my report (most medical) and some of his charged off CC I am cleaning up now. But takes time and a lot are from him over the years thus the reason my father was financing the car for me while I can get my credit back on track. So now that I finally have a great job making $50K a year that I start next week plus I receive child support of $12K a year, i decided to get for a hybrid so I am can save money and not spend it all in gas with my large commute until my lease is up and I can move closer. Here is my compliants: My dad and I were driving down and I told him the drive out price I was quoted and we discussed how long it would take since I had never bought a car and he needed to get back to the farm as he grows chickens for a living and can't stay Way to long. He went in to sign papers and then leave while I was shown the car and how to use it. I was in and out of the office on a business call while they signed papers and went over financing. No haggle of price and acTully price never discussed. Apparently my dad being in a hurry he just forgot to check the price to make sure it was what he sent in email. Well when I finally got home to look at papers imagine my surprise on three things: The drive out price ended up being $37,844.20 causing my payment to be more than $100 difference. I am not sure why the dealership did not honor my drive out quote as I had other dealers Cheaper drive out prices but I went with Billy Howell because they were very professional and were not pushy at all and local with exact car I wanted. I now see that was a mistake. A mistake I am stuck with now unfortunately in terms of how much I owe on the car. Which is an additional $6K! Grrrrrr Second my dad's name is wrong on EVERYTHING. My fathers name is WILLIAM CLARENCE. He even gave Doug the salesman his license so he would get all information instead of my dad telling it over and over. On ALL the papers he is listed as Willie and on another paper they had his middle name as CLEARANCE. He is not Willie. Does not go by Willie. And has no idea why his name would be listed as Willie on the papers but again he didn't read and he didn't won't me in there. Because he knows I get excited and let them talk me Into extras and he has bought a new car every 2 years like clockwork for 50 years. So my third issue is wondering how this misspelling of his name is going to effect things down the line like if the loan company has to be called for a question or whatever or insurance on the car Since the name on the registration will NOT match my fathers Id or insurance cards. I have never bought a car before and let my dad handle it for me and he just simple did not check those to things since he was in a hurry to get back to the farm. Now I am stuck with a MUCH higher loan payment because of the drive out price being switched on us by $5,994 and I am just very disappointed to think this was done especially as I spoke to Doug on my way down to the dealership that morning and i confirms pricing over the phone as well. I know the deal is signed and done and I or my dad should have caught this but my dad wanted to do it and have me wait out in lobby. I learned a lesson. Don't listen to your 80 year old dad everytime! Lol I will be in tomorrow to pick up a cargo net I ordered so should I say something. Or email the manager and juster them I is my unsatisfactory experience with the pricing I obviously can afford the car payment but I should have never been lied to and the price quoted should have been the price given. I am a single mom and I had to have a reliable car for a long 40 mile commute and again love the car but very upset with the rest. Of the process that went down. I am over paying now and I guess lining the salesmans pocket but I am still upset. More I guess at myself for not double checking over my fathers shoulder. What would you do? Also since they quoted through true car can I complain to true car too? why does buying a car have to be such a racket.??? I do love the car though. 😍
  11. My dad is going Friday to get me a new 2015 Ford Fusion hybrid Se as I got a new job in Atlanta making $58K a year but don't have credit to get the car. He does For incentives is like 0% for 60 months and like $2k cash back. So what about monthly payment would be on drive out price of $29145.31. I have never shopped for a car before so I am New at this. [emoji19]. My dad is putting it in his name only and has great credit as he is 79 and never been late ever! Raises chickens and just built $2million chicken houses so credit should be no worries and this is the dealer he always uses. And income is not a problem either. Any advice??! I am getting black on black hybrid with moonroof, back up camera top of line just no navigation system.
  12. I didn't call AMEX to be added. I was JUST added. I called and gave them my info told them what was on my credit report and they verified I was indeed added as an AU and I immediately asked them to shut it down and started a fraud investigation. I never asked who the account holder was. I just said I never requested this and did not know anyone that would have permission to add me. I filed police report and they have all info copy of reports, info. The phone call just caught me off guard. I am usually great at remembering but I have a kid at home with the flu and so I am about dead this week taking care of them.
  13. Ok first an update: Back storey as I am on my phone and can't access to copy a link. I was alerted to a new account on my credit report. I pull report to see $9600 AMEX authorized user added to my account. You guess suggested I immediately call AMEX and I do. I also file a police report and submit to all three for credit freeze and fraud alert. Here are my questions: I have since that time RECEIVED a delta gold AMEX sky miles credit card in the mail at my new address asking me to :activate: the card. Which I do NOT do as I know only one person who would have an Amex or know my info to add me. And that person has a restraining order against him and caused so much issues for me and my kids. So I want no ties to this man. I have not heard back from police or Amex yet. I did give the detective the card I got in the mail as well. I would post a pic of the card but I do not know how to blur out card numbers Since all this I then get a letter in the mail addressed to my 7 year old daughter and it was a COLLECTION letter for a medical visits she had while at her father's house and past that I do not know what to do. I do not won't her info out there. Is he using her Ssn too??? How would they have an account addressed to a minor??? If I am worried how would I pull her reports as a parent to make sure she is not a victim too? And then yesterday I get a phone call in my new apartment home phone line / DSL line from s collector. I hear her out. She calls on a bank account that was closed and went to collections. I explain I have never had such account and she can communicate through mail so I can dispute any incorrect info. So here is where it goes bad. She wants to verify my mailing address so I said sure what do you have and she rattled off an address I have never heard of. So then she ask to verify my last four ssn. I again said sure what do you have. She gives me four digits no where near mine. I say no and she is apologized and says they will remove my number. So what do I do here? It is not in my reports and I can't remember name of collection co and I try to get phone number but no call I'd. Wth?????? How can she call me when she doesn't have my correct info on stuff. I mean I don't get it. Ugh. Help me [emoji25][emoji25][emoji25]

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