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  1. Has anyone had any experiences with Bank5 Connect? Here is my review of them to this point. Let me say first and foremost that my issues with Chexsystems were all of my own doing. When I was younger, I conducted very poor banking practices which led me to end up on Chexsystems with double digit entries. As of this post I'm down to just 2 and I hope to have them resolved by the end of the year. I have learned my lesson and have been much more responsible with the accounts that I now have. These accounts are all in Great Standing and I haven't had any issues with any of them at all. I just recently applied for and was approved for an account with Bank5 Connect. It's an Online Only account and the approval process took about 5mins. I've had the account for approximately 2 months and the account and Customer Service have both been great. I currently have 2 entries on Chexsystem, however, my overall Chex File is toxic. If you are in need of an account, you may want to consider Bank5 Connect. I was approved and you may be as well. Thanks to the advice of MCA, I now have the following: Bank Of America - Checking and Savings, 6 months, no issues Merrill Edge - Money Market / Checking, 5 years, no issues Fidelity - Checking, 7 years, no issues, my Favorite account E-Trade - Money Market / Checking, 5 years, no issues TD AmeriTrade - Money Market / Checking, 3 years, no issues Bank5 Connect - Online Banking Only / Checking, 2 months, No Issues I now practice very responsible banking and can't tell you how Awesome it is now to NOT have to stress about accounts. Believe me, at double digit Chexsystems Entries, I DARE say that my Chex File is/was probably far and away one of the most toxic on this forum. Be responsible, have constant communication with your bank, check your balances regularly to avoid fraudulent activity, and don't keep your money in 1 place .... all just my opinion. NCC8108K
  2. Over the Holidays I bought a movie called Real Steel (fighting robots) for my cousin as a Christmas gift from Target. The movie has a spinoff game sponsored by EA Sports. On 1/5/2015, my Fidelity Cash Management account was hacked by the Online Gaming Community called Origin.com/EA I have never visited this site, I have never heard of this site, I do not engage in Online Gaming. The timing couldn't have been worse. I had just written check payments for my Rent, Car Payment, Insurances for the month and, utilities. They hacked my account for $347.00 I alerted Fidelity of the Fraudulent Activity and they couldn't have been more Friendly, Helpful, Understanding and willing to assist me in getting this matter resolved. I have had this account since 2008 WITHOUT any issues or missuse. Please let me be clear, I was in Chex-Hell due LARGELY to my own actions and practices. I was fortunate enough to have stumbled across the Fidelity Smart Cash option on a different site and haven't had a bad moment with them since. I now have an account with Merrill Edge, Savings Account with BOA, and a back up account with Fidelity. I understand that many have started running into issues with Fidelity, but I guess that I'm one of the lucky ones. I can't sing their praises enough. Please check your accounts every single day and beware of charges stemming from a group called Origin.Com/EA NCC8108K
  3. Let me state first that much of the banking hell that I've been in has been due to my own irresponsible actions. I've managed to place myself into a very difficult situation, but Thanks to good people like MCA, I only have a couple of Chex Entries left and I hope to have them cleared within the next few months. I have read where Fidelity may be in the practice of closing accounts and now uses Chexsystems. I have had my Fidelity Account since 2008, BACK WHEN I HAD DOUBLE DIGIT CHEX ENTRIES, and I haven't had not 1 issue at all. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I haven't had any problem at all. That account works/worked very well for me. The Customer Service is Excellent and I now use it as a backup account. I believe that if you have responsible usage, chances are you won't have any problems. To be on the safe side, DON'T OVERDRAFT THAT ACCOUNT ! I also have an Etrade Account for about the same time and again, I haven't had any issues and at that time, as I've stated, my Chexsystems File was COMPLETELY TOXIC ! As of today, I have 2 Entries left. I use Merrill Edge as my Primary Account and Bank Of America Savings as a link to my Primary Account and for me, it's a Great Combination. NCC8108K
  4. I opened my M.E. CMA Account online with a $1.00 deposit. I actually deposited $50.00 and was expecting to be rejected / denied. However, almost 4yrs later, that account has worked like a charm. The Customer Service has been Excellent and I haven't had any issues at all. Even when M.E. migrated over to Bank Of America. When M.E. migrated from Chase Bank to BOA, I was in major fear of the unknown. I thought that because I had a prior entry from BOA, that my M.E. CMA Account would be closed. I left a small balance in the M.E. CMA Account and monitored it carefully for a few months and all was good. My Chexs Entry with BOA fell of and I remembered reading a statement by MCA posted on a different forum. In it, she mentioned something about opening up a Savings Account with BOA and linking it to the M.E. account (this was probably a 1 1/2 or so ago when I read that suggestion, I think). I gave it some thought, double checked and confirmed that I no longer had a Chexs Entry with BOA (EWS is not the same and lasts for 7yrs if I am not mistaken), went into my local BOA Branch and was successful in opening up a BOA Savings Account. Since then, I have linked the 2 Accounts together. I can now walk into any BOA and conduct standard banking practices with my head held high. Understand that Account Maintenance with the M.E. Account can only be done by a M.E. Agent / Rep. Many BOA Branches don't have those agents on staff. I live in Charlotte NC, and the Branch that I go to, does. However you can make deposits/withdrawls with your Savings Account. You can transfer funds between the accounts very quickly.......and if you are responsible, you won't have any issues at all and it works Great ! NCC8108K
  5. I have 2 separate ML Edge accounts (solo and joint) and they have NEVER done a hard pull on my CR. Only soft pull to verify identity. If you try to apply for margin trading, however, different story. But just opening the cash management account does not affect CR in my experience. I agree, but let me be clear. I was ONLY referring to a Cash Management Account as a Checking Account Option. It has been my experience as well that no hard inquiry was made on my Credit Rating. That's not to say that it wouldn't apply with any other Financial Option offered by M.E. But as far as the Cash Management Account goes, I didn't see any hard inquiry at all. NCC8108K
  6. I am glad to hear your success... very good luck Thank You again MCA and I would really recommend this option for others ... It is hard as heck trying to find viable options without running all across creation. This option gives you a Checking & Savings Account with BOA and they have branches all over. Plus you can transfer money quickly between the two accounts. BE RESPONSIBLE ! ! ! ! I wasn't .... NCC8108K
  7. This is a possible option and if it's been mentioned before, please excuse me, this is my first posting on this forum ... My Chexsystem File was TOXIC ! At my low point, I am ASHAMED to say that I had 11 entries. Life's issues and my irresponsibilites destroyed my Banking capabilities. The good news is I am down to 3 remaining entries. One falls off on 10/7/2014 the other two, the branch managers of the institutions that I was with claims that if I pay the balance that they can make arrangements to get the entries removed ... whatever ! Thanks to MCA's advice from another board, I attempted to open up a Merrill Edge Account and was successful. That account has been up and running now for almost 4yrs. At the time that it was opened, Merrill Edge was associated with Chase Bank. As you may now know, Merrill Edge is now under the Bank Of America umbrella. Last month I went into a local branch and was able to open up a Bank Of America Savings Account. BOA was one of the institutions that I owed money too. However their Chexsystems entry on me fell off in 2012. Point is, both accounts are working VERY WELL and I am able to transfer funds between the two WITHOUT issue. Plus I can set foot into ANY BOA and manipulate funds through the Savings Account to the Merrill Edge Account. No tricks, no begging and pleading for banks to give me a chance. This idea worked and I have MCA to Thank for it. It may work for you as well. I do recommend that if you have any issues with BOA that it be resolved or has dropped off before attempting this. Also, I recommend that you go into a BOA Branch to open the Savings Account, don't do it online if you have issues remaining with them. If successful, you are read to Rock and Roll. THANK YOU MCA NCC8108K

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