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  1. no they are not a CU. generally you have to be affiliated with the military of some sort to get in and or live in Bexar County TX.
  2. you do have to have a data plan with the smart phones with att although they dont have to charge 30 a month for it. it can be as low as 10. for the promos 30 is the minimum but you can choose unlimited text to be part of that 30
  3. read the terms of your contract and if you don't like the terms get a new contract. +1
  4. they wont let you. Verizon wants to make money and thats why they changed how they do things as well as everyone else.
  5. and youre just here to flood the board with your nonsense as usual.
  6. ...and then there is this CRAP Thank you that made my day youre welcome flood boy.
  8. Would anyone really think that was GOOD for them? If I were eating that, it wouldn't be because of the nutritional value! Ive eaten that one and its YUMMY.
  9. its a legit question. Comments or questions regarding the site may be addressed to admin@creditboards.com then feel free george
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