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  1. CITI ATT CLI approved +$5K Was due to cut with a credit balance of $54. However, they threw in the AF. So with $3K pending I asked for more. $5400 -> $10400.
  2. HSBC Cash Rewards MC, Approved $2500 will request more when I get the card Unsolicited CLI Marriott Rewards, + $2K after DW let it close at 51% - go figure
  3. Amex Cash Magnet = Approved -> $5800 Since this would have been number 8, had to give up one (ED) which was at $2K.
  4. Do you ever request CLIs using the link on account management? I have used it in the past but with no success.
  5. Opened my accounts at Citibank to a congrats CLI Citi Costco -> + $5K Citi ATT -> + $1K I only use the Costco card once a year so I don't get it. I use the ATT card frequently though.
  6. Trusted ID can't thaw my EQ report. My online account shows the unlocked padlock with the letter "X" in the center "Status: An error has occurred Please contact customer support". Been on the phone with these incompetent people for the last 4 days. They keep sending me to EQ and EQ confirms that I have no freeze but they can see TrustedID's control lock. My auto lease deal is in limbo until this is resolved!
  7. On Nov. 10, I completed my first transaction with this company. No confirmation of receipt of payment yet.
  8. AMEX Surpass $5K -> $11K Over a month ago I requested 3x CLI and was issued a request for 4506T. I did not submit one and moved on. This morning I received a CLI.
  9. Chase British Airways - $5K Synchrony Infiniti VS - $9.3K
  10. That does not sound legit. I thought so as well. They offer a free 3-day trial so I gave it a go and have renewed twice since then.
  11. I was introduced recently to setvnow service app on a firestick. It's live TV, $20/month included is PPV (UFC, boxing), NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL, NBA, 2017 movie releases, etc. They don't have a DVR so I have not sold my household on it.
  12. I paid my mortgage with them this month no issues. For me, they were down to just Mastercard for the last two months..
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