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  1. BOA BBR: $55k Chase Freedom: $50k Barclay Arrival: $40k AmEx BCE: $40k
  2. B of A - BBR $39,400 -> $55,000, second $50k card in 2 weeks. 3 years ago I didn't know anything about credit and found CreditBoards after a few days at MF. Wallowing in a 610-620 range I started reading and implementing. $24k shy of pimp-dom right now. Thanks to everybody here that had a hand in posting all the valuable information.
  3. Lowes $25k -> $35k. Finally... took 2 years. Chase Freedom $40k -> $50k. My first $50k card. I expect a HP, haven't seen it yet, but it's worth it. Deer Pee $14k -> $17k. They've been giving me $3k SP CLI for a couple of years now at 6 month intervals.
  4. Does anyone know if this has this been verified and is that policy still current? I thought Barclays was like Capitol One in that their 'junior' cards are separate from the 'senior' cards; Venture One/Venture - Arrival/Arrival Plus. Can confirm that as of a few months ago this was indeed the policy. I was autodenied for the A+ for having the regular arrival. I've read reports that people have had success applying for an A+ almost immediately after having closed a regular arrival. Just got my Arrival card bumped to $40k so closing it won't happen, not sure what to PC it to, if anyt
  5. Woah. Those are awesome Citi CLIs! Waaay better than the 1.5-2.5k most see. Did you use the luv button? Yes, I've been hitting that Citi SP/HP CLI link for a couple of months, sometimes being warned of the HP I would have to take to proceed, other times getting the SP verbiage, but not receiving anything after all. Wasn't until I got past 6 months that they coughed up the D/C $8,000. Waited a couple of days assuming I should wait longer on the AAdvantage card but then I said screw it and went for it. I was most surprised by that CLI. Still have a Costco card that I just noticed is p
  6. New Amex Delta Gold Biz $10,000 CL, automated phone CLI to $25,000 next day. No pull, NP? Citi D/C $16,900 -> $24,900 SP Citi AAvantage $12,500 -> $20,500 SP Discover $9,000 -> $13,500 SP Barclay Arrival $24,400 -> $40,000 HP
  7. Does anyone know if this has this been verified and is that policy still current? I thought Barclays was like Capitol One in that their 'junior' cards are separate from the 'senior' cards; Venture One/Venture - Arrival/Arrival Plus.
  8. Cheesy? Here's cheesy... when I was approved for my $14,000 B of A Cash Rewards Visa about 6 months ago I was not told at the time that they would steal $600 from my Better Balance Rewards card, taking it from $40,000 to $39,400. That's cheesy.
  9. Amazon: 10k Sams Club: 15k Lowes: 25k Haven't been able to get a CLI in almost 2 years on any of those cards, all of them around 3 years old.
  10. Not worried about credit card run-up, only have one card with a small balance, and I've been down the credit hell road already, not going there again.
  11. Just applied for a loan to pay off a couple of others. Pulls Transunion, uses Fico 9 score. My FICO 8 is 745, FICO 9 is 780. Various rates and terms, your choice, each increasing term length bumps up the interest rate. I went with 36 months, 7.99%. Goes as low as 5.99, up over 20%. Terms from 24 months to 60 months. You pick payment date. Quick approval, start to finish, 2.5 hours. Had to submit pay stub. Money will be transferred within 4 days.
  12. Mine reported last week. The Amex Costco open date of 10-2014 is what Citi is reporting. The Amex Costco HAD a member since date of 10-1983.
  13. That's a huge win. How does the replacement Costco account report. Does it show as a new account?The Citi version isn't reporting yet.Mine reported today. Shows Citi account opened 10-1-2014, the date I opened up the Amex Costco card. Ended up losing 31 years on that deal.
  14. Haven't been staying current, so here's a couple of months worth: Deer Pee: $11,000 > $14,000 BOA BBR: $10,000 > $15,000 Fidelity: $15,000 > $25,000 then transferred Fidelity to BOA BBR $15,000 > $40,000. Closed Fidelity. Chase: Transferred CSP $18,000 to Freedom ($22,300) > $40,300. Closed CSP, waiting 2 years to apply again. AmEx: BCE: $30,000 > $40,000. DCU: $7,500 >$7,500. <grrrr> Hard pull slap in the face (in addition to the 2 I took to get the card). Reasons for denial: Account too new - they want 1 year, I'm at 11 months, 1 week. Amount requested too
  15. Okay, I just read the above link, went to AA to check the flight and the departure and return are both booking code T. I have about 140k AA points. AA.com says the flight for 2 people, roundtrip, is 60k. Wording is a little confusing to me right now, especially where I read 'using Etihad points on AA'. To make sure I really do have this figured out, I have to 'sign up' at Etihad, then transfer points, then use them on AA.com? Or do I do everything from the Etihad site, or do I call them to do this or what? Sorry about all the questions, I really did try to comprehend what I was reading from CB
  16. Oh... showing my points/transfer newbie skills. 47k it is. Thanks for the help.
  17. You need to have all of the miles with one program. You can't book an award flight on AA with a mix of AA and Etihad miles. Yeah, I figured that. By transferring the 46,000+ points that should work out to the 60,000 I would need. 46,160 x 1.3 = 60,008 if I'm understanding what's going on here.
  18. Joined 1-31-15. 'Serious delinquency' showing on all 3 reports from 2011 - scores in the 720 area. Lots of new accounts reporting. Applied on 1-31-15 for Platinum Rewards. Approved for $6500, recon'd for $10,000. Also approved for and received a $16,000 draft for an auto refinance - decided not to use it. Applied online for CLI end of January this year, approved for $30,500. $500 higher than my highest line at the time. Have never received any pre-approvals online.
  19. Points transfer newbie here... so if I have 50,000 AA points and I need 60,000 points for the flight I want, I would check to see if I could book that same flight through Etihad, and if so sign up at Etihad, transfer a little over 46,000 points, then book the flight I want? Are there delays while waiting for the points to transfer, I assume?
  20. I went through a similar situation 22 years ago with my ex-wife. She got the house and made the house payments with the spousal support payments. When that stopped, she stopped making the payment. I got a letter from the mortgage company saying the late payments were stacking up and a foreclosure was on its way. I sent them a copy of the divorce decree that clearly showed her as the 'court ordered' sole responsible party on the mortgage, even though it was a joint mortgage. I also sent them a copy of the quit claim I filed shortly after the divorce which removed my name from the title. They en
  21. I did both on 2-10-16. Received WSJ miles 2 days later. Still have not received the Barron's miles. I did the WSJ offer about an hour after the Barron's offer. While going through the signup for WSJ (which appeared to be the same Dow Jones front end as Barron's) it identified me by my email address and implied that I was already signed up, so I continued with a different email address, same credit card. Wondering if the WSJ offer canceled out the Barron's offer?
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