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  1. My income is about 30 k higher than ur hubby I got approve instantly. I had to send in some info which i faxed and got my card in about a week or so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No baddies. I got a regular visa interest rate i believe 10.99 or 9.99 i cant remember offhand. I did not qualify for a visa rewards they said my score had to be above 700.
  3. I got a 10k credit card with them. Could hv been more but thats all i ask for thinking i wasnt going to get it. My revolving credit was new with me having new cards within bout a month of apply. No cards before that. Good bit of inquiries on my report. TU pull. It was fast super easy they were pretty friendly. Instant decision. My score was like a 683 at the time. This was late last year.
  4. Not long to get mayb week or so? Used old card till i activated new card. No trouble loggin on at all.
  5. It may be difficult to do but as you say just be patient everything will work out there is light at the end of this tunnel
  6. Heyyyy nice!! Congrats its a great feeling
  7. Group 1. Been working every day for about two months Started back on 18 hours a week starting last week again. Liked it more when i was working 0 hours actually. I was more healthier Was Sucking Corn for a while but have to stop it stuck in my teeth.

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