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  1. Sorry but,,, NO. A maxed out $500 toy card limit by an AU will have the exact same effect on your FICO score as a maxed our 50K TL from a prime lender. The ONLY difference is the dollar amount of the debt you allowed your AU to incur that you're on the hook for! Cash is King, (when it's gone, it's gone). Credit usage is a game best played by responsible Adults. Amen!
  2. Received a $2600.00 cc from them. My lowest limit in years. App'd at the same time for my 4th AMEX and was approved for $20k. That really surprised me that NFCU was so pitiful.
  3. True, but most have seen this forum and have no clue how to repair correctly. Spread the word... tell everyone... preach from the mount... ah hell, my outlook calendar is booked.
  4. Keep working at it... that's awesome and very encouraging.
  5. Good deal Cowboy... way to follow through and hold your head high.
  6. dcowboy08


  7. So I applied for the CC and got the 1 business day reply... uhoh!!!!!!
  8. The MRs posted to my account overnight. Same here.
  9. That's the same limit for Pay Over Time on all their charge cards including the Centurion. It's a maximum. They use this 35k number when they securitize a bundle of these. They sell these notes to institutions and the 35k is useful as an individual risk limit. It doesn't mean you can run up 35, 1k charges and pay it over time. Approval is still subject to their internal limits which are based on your history. You're right it's not a great deal. For one thing, like Credit One, interest accrues when the purchase posts and there is no grace period. Still, the interest rate is better than Credit One. Also, it's best to wait for a good MR offer before adding it. Amex regularly sends these to me with various MR levels from (5k, 3k, 10k) for signing up. It came with 10k MR points.
  10. You have to make 3 large payments, or PIF, a minimum of 3 months in a row... 4 is better. Thank you!
  11. So several months ago, several of us posted that PRG sent us a pay over time email. I heard nothing from them until yesterday. I was told I was approved to include this with my PRG. I clicked on the link and approved for $35000.00. Interesting and yet I will not use this, as I get better deals with other cards. I will track this on the boards to see if others are using this.
  12. Received my debit card, my welcome packet and still can't log in. Tried through chat tonight and was told to call in. I will do that this weekend. Can't wait to apply for the Visa and CLOC. Awesome job guys. I appreciate showing us a way to join.

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