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  1. Where's my AnnMichele? Here I am! Miss you, my friend! Good to see you. I need to quote you more often to lure you back. Hey, Momma Breeze! Sorry I missed your post last night. Yesterday was a rearrange my closet day since I just moved into a new apartment and had no idea where anything was. How are you doing? I hope all is well! Konrad, please quote me! I have been super busy since moving to Georgia. Between working, settling in, meeting new people, and trying to soak in what I can about my new state, I haven't been on here too often my apologies. Just know that I love you!!
  2. NY Smithtown Sent from my LG-K371 using Tapatalk I lived in Coram. Just recently relocated to Georgia. 😊
  3. Where's my AnnMichele? Here I am! Miss you, my friend!
  4. I am not sure what you're asking here. Are you saying that both the OC and CO are double reporting to your reports?
  5. Told you it would work out You were right, Konrad! Can you also make a statement that I will find a beautiful, affordable house, the love of my life, and a nice raise in May? From your lips to God's ears.
  6. That is great for you! Sometimes the companies like to surprise us and give us increases for good behavior. It is always a plus.
  7. Did you even read my original message? I stated that even with doing a PC the AF would remain because they said the terms and conditions applied to the entire account, regardless of the card I got. Doing a PC meant nothing. Hence me having to contact the EO and complaining.
  8. I got a call back from the EO and she told that she could not find anything in past calls that promised me that they would remove the AF from my account. However, she said that she reviewed my account and the decision was made to remove the AF moving forward. The fee will be credited back to me and I will receive a new terms and conditions reflecting the change. I guess that means that I will keep the card open, even if it is a measly $500. I didn't think that then was the time to push an increase as well. I will wait a few months.
  9. I got my card 3 years ago and it was unsecured this past July. I never asked about it, they just did it, so there is hope for you too. The downside is that if you have the card with the AF, like I do, even if it unsecures you will have to pay an AF.
  10. You're sweet. Thank you! You emailed the EO. They called back. I predict an outcome that benefits you. If it isn't, will you call them on my behalf, Konrad?? I am sure you could work something out for me.
  11. Finally, for once in my life, Discover has given me more than a measly $500 increase. I was shocked. While it isn't a lot I am happy to have 1.5K more available credit. Finally up to 9K with them. Trust, I wish it were much more. Baby steps I suppose.
  12. I think the customer facing EO number is nerfed. They ended up calling me. They will be looking into the case. I guess we will see what happens. This is just a joke to me. I have a card that is close to 30K. Capital One is by far the card with the least amount of money. It is absurd. I almost don't even card about the limit it is that stupid AF. How that is justifiable is beyond me.
  13. Not bad. I am pretty sure they unsecured mine around the 9 month mark and increased my limit by 1K. I want to say that I also received a letter from them last year that they were offering me an increase without a HP. It was small but I took it, maybe $500.
  14. I couldnt find a number so I emailed them. I am not understanding how terms and conditions are applied to the account and not as opposed to the card. Is that even legal??
  15. Konrad, I love you! Today more than any other day. It has been a horrible day, but seeing your reply on my post made it somewhat better. I was just texting pwd and he said to contact the EO too. I had spoken to the CSR, then she transferred me to a supervisor who spoke the same nonsense. I told them they were wrong and they didn't believe me.
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