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  1. I have one CB account opened for my husband’s use and my own account is separate. So yeah, I did post with one and answer with the other. My legal theory involves hours and hours of research with cross checking my findings with a college friend who is a lawyer. I also saw where PsychDoc mentioned getting a judgement quashed due to lack of proper service. If a foreclosure judgement is quashed due to improper service then the foreclosure is not a valid one. The lender can start the process all over again if the lack of service is discovered before the foreclosure
  2. Thanks for the response regarding our hopes for a best scenario outcome. It is my understanding that the motion to quash (MTQ) will happen only because the faulty foreclosure was not a legal one. If the MTQ does not happen, we will absolutely document the foreclosure happened. However, it it was a fraudulent foreclosure due to not following the appropriate legal steps, I can’t see where we would be required to say we had a foreclosure in the last seven years. And yes, we will have $50,000 in savings by the time we purchase again with a VA loan. Purchasing after foreclos
  3. Thanks for the feedback Brian. We have not yet begun the mortgage application process but I was worried about moving out of state without the proof. Our landlord is in a virtual free fall with the divorce situation and responds like someone with nothing to lose. In fairness, my family is sooo ready to move that I think I will simply move forward without the letter and hope that the income, good (hopefully) credit scores will carry us on our way. We have no debt, good income, and my husband has seen an increase in salary year after year as a software developer. Do you think with these posi
  4. Thanks to Creditboards, my husband and I are finally in a position to apply for a VA loan. Our mid scores are around 640 and income and employment history are both excellent. Our problem, if there is one, lies with a bitter landlord who is in the midst of a nasty divorce process. Currently, we pay $1600.00 in rent and have no lates. My husband has always deposited our rent directly into our landlord's account at Wells Fargo. In hindsight, this was beyond foolish as there is no identifying name on the receipt but we had no intention of purchasing a home and our landlord seemed a decent
  5. I called TU yesterday to dispute my husband's final derogatory mark, and asked for the nice phone rep to delete all past phone numbers and addresses listed and she did so happily. Today I called Equifax and asked that they drop to bad place of employment typos - get this, they had POTSBASE and FINDPOT as two companies from my husband's past!! The companies were actually Partsbase and FINDWHAT.com, the first sold commercial airline parts and the later was an IT startup. Now the Equifax phone rep had no sense of humor when I suggested that these mistakes might hurt my husband's attempts at li
  6. I pulled my reports from the CRAs and the only negative I have listed is an auto repo from 2009. The thing is, the three CRA's all show very different Date of Last Activity on my reports, with Experian even showing no information in this category. I am naturally assuming that the record keeping is not up to par, but after disputing this TL, TU has returned this investigation as "verified." Would an MOV letter to the CRA's be my best option at this point, or should I go straight to the OC and direct dispute. The OC is DriveTime but is listed as DT Credit in Phoenix, AZ. I would be grateful
  7. I have just pulled my credit and the only derogatory mark across all three CRAs is on a DT Credit repo from 2009. EQ has November 2009, TU has June 2010 and EX has "no information." I disputed this with TU and it bounced back as verified, but certainly three different last activity dates is indicative of poor record keeping at best, right? Any suggestions on how to proceed from here? I don't want the CRA's to think I am demanding a frivolous second dispute, but I am eager to get an all clear on my reports. Also, this 5 year old debt is under installment loans and the monthly negative red
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