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  1. Well these are 7 years since the 1st day of reporting.. So can i assume they are longer than 7 years..?
  2. Just wondering if there is any special wording i should use to get the 7 year debt off the CR?
  3. Thanks... i troll these boards quite frequently .. will def keep everyone informed.
  4. I just worked out a budget... If i attack the smallest CL's first i can have all but 3 of the 9 paid by the end of the year. That leaves me with 50% Utlization left over. Then attack the high CL's next year... What a mess.... Would like to know if that is the best method.
  5. Do your expenses include the CC min payments? No
  6. Yah we have tightened things up considerably but we are wondering how we should attack this. I dont want to do the CCCS either.. thanks for the reply
  7. Long story short. Spent 1 year getting my credit in order then went crazy on the credit card application and credit cards. Got separated with the wife and she took the kids so was supporting 2 households. One of my kids is autistic (special needs). Making Min Payments wont get me any closer to paying them off. I know i can just let them report as late and hope for a goodwill letter to clear the lates. I have 9 Credit Cards 30K in debt with different APR's on each HOW should i pay them off? Attack the low ones limits first or the high ones? Highest Interest Rates? Consumer Credit Counseiling? I am at a loss here folks need some Advice. You people are the experts so i would give this a try. Thanks in Advance..
  8. so what should i ask for in the next DV i send them and what should i expect when i get one back if i get one back.
  9. I dont know..... I suppose they sent me what i asked for. I tried sending them another DV and they responded with a letter saying they already did that and to contact them. Should i do it again and see what they say? I guess i am not sure what i am looking for when they send something back.
  10. Mke that 2 60 days. It was a mix up in deferment paperwork i didnt file in time.
  11. They Furnished bills with my name on it and past due notices for that account. All copies from SWB. It shows i owed the money.
  12. I was wondering if any one has had luck with WAMU? I have CO's and 2 Tradelines with Lates and i will be clean as a whistle. I have posted out Dept of Ed amd Asset but was looking for a bit of info on WAMU. I was 1 month from it rolling off the 2 year before i refinanced. Let me know you people with WAMU experience.
  13. Yes i DV'd them 2x Yes i Disputed with the CRA's and Yes i DID 2 PFDs I thought they couldnt report 120 days late after a period of time. it has been 3 years since reported and updated.
  14. - Transunion Creditor Name: ASSET ACCEPT Account No.: 16946xxxx Original Creditor: SOUTHWESTERN BELL Responsibility: Individual Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: $136 Balance: $162 Date Opened: 04/15/2004 Date Reported: 9/20/2007 Pay Status Type - Experian Creditor Name: ASSET ACCEPTANCE LLC Account No.: 16946xxxx Original Creditor: SOUTHWESTERN BELL Responsibility: Individual Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: $136 Balance: $162 Date Opened: 4/1/04 Date Reported: 9/20/2007 Pay Status Type Creditor Name: Account No.: SOUTHWEST-1694**** Original Creditor: Responsibility: Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: Balance: Date Opened: Date Reported: Pay Status Late 120 Days Type Individulal Transunion - Experian - Equifax in that order damnit it didnt stay in the order which i labeled it. That is how they are reporting with True Credit . I will look on my Experian Report i just got from home. Anything seem out of the ordinary? Funny thing is that Transunion and Experian are on its own Trade line and Equifax is different Tradeline. Thanks for the input Yes I DV'd them And sent letters to the CRA's Multiple Times And sent 3 letters PFD

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