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  1. I paid the balance of may card in February and thought I was done paying off the card. Apparently there was a $4 service charge that I didn't realize I had. Because I didn't realize there was a charge and I thought I was at 0 I didn't pay the fee on time and now a 30 day late has shown up on my credit. Is there anything I can do? Card Company is US Bank
  2. Fantastic! Thank you for the quick reply an detailed steps! I am really amazed with your willingness to help people on your own free time. Thank You again.
  3. I started the process, have opted out, and have had my old addresses removed. I sent the initial dispute letters and here are the results: TransUnion; only showing one account Caprio Partners and it Deleted. Equifax: 3 Accounts, Amerifinancial Deleted Amerifinancial Deleted Doctor's Business Bureau "We have verified that this item belongs to you. If you have additional questions about this item please contact Doctors Business Bureau. Experian: 1 Account Caprio Partners. "We received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have deemed was not sent by you. This could be deemed as deceptive or fraudulent use of your information. We have not taken any action on this request. Any future requests made in this manner will not be processed and will not receive a response. So, what should I do with Experian, and the account on Equifax? Also, I am looking to get some 30 day late payments removed from my credit (US Bank and Chase) and are working on Goodwill letters. Would sending those impede the HIPPA process? Thanks, E
  4. One more question (thank you for being so helpful, I can't believe I hadn't said that earlier). Is there a thread or specific place that discusses where to send Goodwill letters? I am looking for Chase and USBank. Thank You again,
  5. Another random question, do you think it would be worth it to up my credit limit on the card. Currently $600 and I have $120 or so currently on the card. (Paying it off thursday when I get paid)
  6. Also, when sending GoodWill letters, do you just keep sending them until you get an approval?
  7. We did that with my wife's car. We are saving for the next vehicle, I am just hoping to avoid any expensive repairs to my current vehicle while we are putting money aside.
  8. Just as the title says within the next year I am hoping to get a loan for a new vehicle. I have a couple of issues on my credit report. I have one medical collection and I am hoping to use wychat's method to clean it off the report. The other items I have are some 30 day late payments on 2 open accounts. I have 3 30 day lates on my US Bank Mortgage and 3 on an open Chase account. They occurred during a period where I was transitioning from job to job in 2012. I have paid on time ever since on both, and my the balance is just about paid on the credit card. I was thinking of sending a couple of goodwill letters, but is there something else I should do to help my situation? Thanks, Elijah123
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