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  1. New York, through the BBB website. If you type in Merrick's info, they will direct you to the appropriate BBB to file with. poeism13
  2. I just applied for Amex One and they pulled EX for me. I'm in IA. poeism13
  3. I have them on my CR, though it is listed as Spiegel. How far back is your acct from? They are a CA on my acct as they purchased it after it was held by FCNB and they went under. They never answered my letters either, until I submitted a complaint to their BBB. Then they sent the monthly statements from the acct. You can try that route if you want. They may or may not be able to validate. If they are a CA on your acct also, you can go through Whychat's SOL letters if this is out of SOL. Check on the SOL in your state. HTH, poeism13
  4. OK, I found their website and they say they service CC accounts as well as do CA for them. Here is the website for anyone interested. But I am still confused if they are now the OC or if they are a CA. www.Cardworks.com
  5. The TL that is hurting my CR most right now is listed on the CR as Spiegel. However, the contact address on my CR and all correspondence I have received on this TL when I filed my BBB complaint and CRA disputes is from Card Management Services. Is this a CA? Or the OC? I have read that Spiegel is now handled by WFNNB. So I am assuming Card Management Services is a CA. But we all know what they say about assuming things. Can anyone help? My BBB complaint was closed when CMS sent me copies of all the bill stubs that had been sent on this acct when it charged off, but there was no contractual agreement sent. So that is where I'm at. Also, if CMS is the OC, and not a CA will Whychat's SOL letters still work? This is out of SOL. Thanks, poeism13
  6. I'm in Iowa, I believe SOL is 5 years, so yes, it is past SOL. I didn't think that was enough either. The BBB closed my complaint on it though. On to plan B. poeism13
  7. I have a Spiegel CC that was a CO in 2001. The CA is listing on my CR. I demanded validation 3 times, sent it to the BBB as they never responded, and then I get in the mail a packet with copies of all the billing statements that had been issued (stubs,not itemized charges or anything). The kicker is, this is a valid CO on my reports, however they are not even reporting accurately as when I disputed with the CRA EX deleted and TU and EQ verified, and I don't know that validation is simply providing the original billing statements? My question is this: Have they provided validation? Yes, it is my name on the bills, and yes, it is Spiegel letterhead and such. But there was no copy of anything I signed that shows my responsibility for paying this account. Just that they had been sending me bills for it since 2001. Any help is much appreciated. This is my last major baddie. poeism13
  8. First, I disputed it as "not mine" to see if it would be verified with the CRAs. That worked with TU, but not EX and EQ. It was only for a small amount, $269, so I paid it and again disputed it as not mine with EX and EQ. It fell off both of them then. HTH, poeism13
  9. OK, I have been working through Sassy's dispute letters for OCs. See here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...ost&p=42667 I sent the first letter and disputed with the CRAs. Came back verified on all three. I send Sassy's second letter to Spiegel/Card Management Services 30 days later, and it verified on TU/EQ EX deleted.So I sent a letter telling Spiegel that information needs to be the same to all three CRA and it is not, and they just sent me a letter back asking me what about the TL I thought was inaccurate, and then they would correct their information. They have never verified. They just recently sent this to a new CA who I received a dunning letter from, so I sent a validation request to and they (the CA) sent me a letter back stating they were returning this to the OC. This is an old CO for $415 from 06/2001, and I am in Iowa if that helps any. I know that the original holders of the accountwent out of business, so this Card Management Services is now in charge of it. The kicker is that the TL is accurate in the reporting. It is no longer being reported to all three CRAs though, since my disputes. I just don't think they can verify the account, since the previous company handling the account went out of business. What now? Thanks for your help. poeism13
  10. i was not currently disputing the TL on the two remaining CR that this CA is on. I was waiting to see how the BBB dispute panned out. Should I dispute them again with the CRA? Thanks! poeism13

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