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  1. what did you put for revenue and cogs? just wondering how you got over $150k
  2. We both have combined UR points of 450k right now and we would like redemption towards travel Wife would be doing some petty trading so spend would be around $40k to probably $60 max a year and we are in Atlanta so Delta and British Airways is our preferred airlines
  3. We do a lot of overseas travel now and also large purchases of about $30-40k a year on the chase reserve card. We want to apply for the amex platinum card because it offers a lot more points for overseas travel and business lounge access we just need you the pros input if it makes sense to apply for the amex platinum now and maybe cancel the chase reserve
  4. So are you going to do it? He didn't like the overall experience so he won't go through with it Idk but I think he should though
  5. The overall manager called and says to bring the check and pick up the car
  6. Thanks for all the replies and just wanted to be sure we weren't in the wrong The guy was a little too aggressive anyhow
  7. So are you saying the couldn't run the OFAC without the social because we already signed the form that says the vehicle cannot be shipped overseas and all. I don't think he even wants to go back there anyway
  8. That's exactly what I thought! Glad we didn't cave though
  9. I went to a Mercedes dealership with a good friend of mine to purchase a GLE43. We already had pre-approval from penfed with a pretty good rate so we just haggling on the truck and got a good price. Almost 5k off of msrp. After all the haggling we went to financing and here is where the trouble arose. The finance guy wanted a social even though we weren't financing through them and had pre approval in hand He says he still needed to do a soft pull to see that we had no red flags so I asked him to show me where it says on the application that they had to check for red flags if you already had financing and he couldn't so we called the deal off and left My question Isis this legal for financing to still want to do a soft pull even though we had pre approval from penfed? PS:we called penfed in from of him to talk to them to confirm everything Thanks in advance
  10. Please update credit pulls with approval or denial and which credit bureau pulled please!
  11. Yep, wife and I are parked on ~260,000 Avios now. Also moved most of my BA limit to the new Freedom Unlimited. I'll keep the BA card open for a while longer. Maybe minor spend to see if I ever get a CLI, but I have little hope. Chase has never given me an auto-anything. Been running my 5k line and paying in full before statement closes for the past 3 months to see if i get any auto CLI and still nada! The BA card for some reason doesn't auto CLI for some reason
  12. It's been assigned to the collection agency,LES and they are not willing to let me pay them directly and directing me to deal with the collection agency I've tried several times already That's good news that it's just been assigned. I would really keep pushing to try and make payment somehow to the original creditor. I've found that with things like tickets, once payment is made to the OC, the account gets pulled back out of collections and could stop reporting on your credit reports. Your Outstanding Invoice(s) Invoice(s) Unable To Be Paid The following invoices cannot be paid online. For questions, please contact a customer representative at 1-855-495-9777. Details Invoice No. Due Date License Plate Balance I've tried online payment but i'll try going to the toll office now Thanks Did you have any luck trying to make payment in person? They don't have any offices to go,everything is over the phone or online. I called ezpass and got redirected to express lanes again and they wanted me to call their collection agency to make payment arrangements I'm not sure how to proceed now but i'm thinking of sending out a payment by check to them directly and see what happens They cashed the check that i sent out. Would i be able to do anything with the check receipt for CA to delete now?

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