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  1. I will be 2yr post Bk in March 2020. My rent lease is up around the same time and I will be looking to buy. I pay more in rent than what I would if I bought a house. My scores are ~650 across the board. All new cards are AZEO, and <5%. And I have a student loan that will be coming out info deferment in 6 months. My salary is ~60k. Will I be able to get a FHA loan right after 2 years with ease or will it take some work?
  2. Congrats on the increase. They have been pretty nice to me. Went to pay card today, and my limit was 15K. Started at 5k a year ago and about 8 months in went to 7.5k, now 15k. Not too sure what has gotten into chase.
  3. Got this in my email this morning. Have had the card since the whole frenzy with Nasa, was issued a 5k CL, only have used the card once for a 100 dollar purchase and did a 3k balance transfer and paid in less then 3 months. Hope others get this as well! 2k is better then nothing
  4. Well I have had the score since roughly May I think? The score I usually get says it's from around the 12th give or take some days. But usually gives me an score about a week later.
  5. Mine updated with April 11 as updated date
  6. Just logged on and it showed up tonight. Had new web layout since i got in with Amex back in september. Amazing how much different my scores are between EX and TU are for me..
  7. I had no trouble deleting addresss besides EX. They wouldn't delete because I've previously lived there. So I guess next time maybe I'll get someone friendlier
  8. I thought Barclay got rid of the prequal? Is the EU going to work for the US?
  9. I received my ex credit report due to less favorable terms for a cc. There is no negative accounts (paid bills to collections) which were there at one point. So I take it now that they have been removed? I never sent any letters yet. That's why I recieved cr so I could get that started. Also with my TU which was dated about 3 weeks ago shows them on. Should I just write a letter to send to TU or get a report and see if it's magically gone like EX unsure what EQ is showing at this moment
  10. You can call for a balance transfer or there's a place in website to do one. Unsure on the site right now as I'm on mobile but if you look a few pages back its posted.
  11. Thanks for the info for BT! Anyone else try this feature and know about how long it takes?

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