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  1. I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2015 at which time my attorney filed a motion to avoid liens which was granted. I am attempting to refinance my mortgage, received the clear to close, and initial closing disclosure. I noticed something questionable on the closing disclosure and it was listed as a “judgement” with a dollar figure attached to it. I contacted the lender and they indicated that it was in fact a lien on the property from 2013. Obviously, I would like to avoid paying this and do not believe that I should have to. I forwarded a copy of the motion to avoid liens (which clearly references the lien holder’s company) and the order granting the motion to my lender and title company. When I spoke to the processor at the title company he didn’t give me the vibe that this documentation would be sufficient. What else can I do?
  2. After the bank gets the FHA appraisal report has anyone heard of having to wait 7 days before closing? I googled it and couldn't locate anything about a 7 day wait to close. Just curious....
  3. Thank you! I appreciate the information!
  4. Hello! I am currently in the process of refinancing my home after bankruptcy (2 yrs + since discharge). Refinancing mainly to get the ex husband off of the loan. I have not had any baddies or late payments since that time. Time at my job is 8+ years and salary are great. Equity in the home so I am in a good position there. FICO 647 on Experian / Equifax. 697 FICO score on Transunion. Heard back from the mortgage company today and they indicated my rate would be 5.25% / FHA / 30 year fixed. My current rate is 4.875%. Just wondering if anyone thinks this is a bit high? I know rates just went up and I have a bankruptcy - but I am super disappointed. I honestly don't know if I should run away from the deal or proceed. Thank you in advance for the advice!
  5. Unfortunately, despite the fact that he violated the decree - the creditors could have cared less. In their eyes we both were still responsible for paying the debt. About a year ago, I hired an attorney to pursue the fact that my ex husband was in violation of the divorce decree by not holding me harmless. I was only mildly successful. He was strong armed into signing the quit claim deed (so that no more of his bad debts attach to the property. We did consider filing contempt charges for not paying debts according to the decree. We decided against it because his income is not that great and with the child support already deducted any garnishment that I would receive would be minimal. Last month, he filed for BK.
  6. Yes!! I was in a good place and had actually won in court against two of my creditors (by using JAMS Arbitration). I ended up with a repossession on my report because his didn't pay the car note, and $5,000 worth of liens on the property from credit cards in his name that he didn't pay. Things were looking up for me, until I received a proceedings supplemental in the mail from the courthouse because they wanted to garnish my wages. On the positive side, I learned alot in the process and I'm slowly getting back on my feet.
  7. Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I had to file BK because of my divorce and the debt that my ex-husband did not pay (per the decree). I was being sued and at risk of wage garnishment. I knew that I would catch some flak for carrying balances 2 years out of BK. I can manage the credit card payments. This cc debt is the only debt listed on my credit report, since the mortgage was removed at BK and I do not have any vehicle loans. I do have a student loan which is 68K and I pay on monthly. My income alone would be enough to qualify me for refinance. I would not need a co-applicant. I have to refinance the home in my name per the divorce decree so I'm not left with much of an option. Another poster mentioned that paying off the credit cards and taking out a personal loan would help my debt to income ratio. Which would hopefully raise my score?
  8. Hi, I may be posting on the wrong board, so I apologize in advance for that. Need some advice please. In 2015, I had a Chp 7 BK discharge. I have been successful in deleting baddies/rebuilding and at one point my credit score was up to 685. No late payments. I have a total of 5 credit cards carrying a balance. Even with 3 credit cards, it was holding steady at around the 650 mark. The last two cards have caused my score to drop down to 616. My minimum payment on these 5 cards is roughly $400/month. I also have two store cards that are not carrying a balance. Ultimately, my plan was to pay these cards off with a 401K loan within the next year (I have another loan out currently). I don't believe that I want to wait this long. I need to refinance my home in 3-6 months. I currently owe 113K, appraised 160K. The purpose of the refinance is to remove ex husband from the loan. He finally signed a quit claim deed. I need to be able to get a lower rate than what I have currently (4.875) and with my current score I'm not even sure if a refinance would be possible. I was considering taking out a personal loan ($10K) to pay off all the credit cards (through Avant or Lending Club). My payment for this loan would be 3 years, roughly $400 month. I am skeptical that my plan to increase my score will back fire on me and only make things worse. Will doing this personal loan and paying off all the credit cards increase my score? I was also considering using some of the equity in my home to pay off this personal loan so that I would have zero debt after the home refinance. Thank you in advance for the advice.
  9. Thank you!! No, I have definitely not signed up with Lexington Law in any way. Thank you for taking the time to explain where I need to begin. I was very overwhelmed.
  10. Good Morning, I have found your (Why Chat's Credit Confusion) site very helpful. I was just recently discharged from BK and was referred to Lexington Law to start the repair process. I would like to purchase a home within the next 2-3 years. However, instead of paying Lexington Law I'm pretty confident that I can do this myself. (Prior to my BK, I won against PRA x2 in court by initiating arbitration). I'm just a little lost on where to actually begin. My question for you is : Now that everything has been discharged in Chp7 BK, can I still dispute the medical bill baddies on my CR? Thanks in advance for the help.

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