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  1. Hi, Heard a lot about the Amex 3x CLI request, and tried it with good results in the past. I have been gardening for a while and now both of my Amex-issued cards are eligible for a CLI. Since I can most likely only get one approved, I would like your advice as to which one (if any) to try for. My Blue Sky card is several years old, has a current limit of $10,500, and a zero balance. My Blue Cash Everyday card is less than a year old but well past the 61 day point. It has a limit of $2,000 and a balance of $980 as part of an introductory 0% offer. Will that outstanding balance prevent me from getting the CLI, or is it worth proceeding? I should go ahead, which card should I ask for the increase on, and for how much? Thanks!
  2. I certainly have enough credit to fund my lifestyle at the moment. While I use my cards for just about everything to float the payments, my purchases are made on the assumption that I would have to immediately pay in cash if requested. I am not in the market for a house anytime soon, and my car has been reliable to date (knock on wood). I suppose my goals are to get as much credit as possible while I'm young and my expenses are low and never use it, so that by the time a major expense comes around where cash is impractical I will have had a nice long history of responsible credit. I want to be able to enjoy favorable rates on large sums of borrowed money if need be. My sister is older and makes more money than I do but her credit history is so limited that her responsible behavior doesn't do her any favors. I want to avoid that scenario by a comfortable margin if at all possible. With that in mind, should I seek additional credit at this time, and would you recommend I pursue it through additional cards and/or by requesting CLI(s)?
  3. Hi guys, First time/long time... wondering if you had any advice as I consider my next moves. I'm 25, make about $43k a year before taxes, and have investment assets and income I could include if needed. Had credit since 2010, no missed payments, baddies, or anything like that. Oldest account is 3 yrs 8 months, newest is 7 months, and AAOA is about 1 year 10 months. These are my cards: AMEX Blue Sky, $10,500 limit AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, $2,000 limit BofA BankAmericard $5,000 limit Barclaycard Rewards $2,000 limit (newest, opened 1/2014) Barclaycard Financing (Apple) $2,350 Chase Slate $3,300 limit Chase Sapphire $5,000 limit Chase Freedom $4,000 limit Citi Dividend Platinum Select $5,900 limit (oldest, opened 12/2010) Citi Simplicity $3,000 limit Citi AAdvantage Bronze MasterCard $6,500 limit Discover IT $4,500 limit FNB Omaha $6,000 limit Comenity/JCrew $1,000 limit Comenity/Express $500 limit Utilization is around 23%. I have roughly $14k spread across several accounts with long-term (>12 months) 0% offers, otherwise I pay everything in full and do not carry a balance. If needed I could pay off the $14k immediately but since it's at 0% and I'm earning more in my investments I don't see a need to do that while the offers are still in effect unless you have better advice. Is it worth applying for more cards (if so, which)? Should I focus on CLIs (again, where should I prioritize and how much to ask for)? Both? Neither? Is it time to garden? I have an inquiry scheduled to drop off in November, by which point my AAOA should be over 2 years. I appreciate your guidance. Thanks in advance!

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