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  1. @Bulldog21 No, I'm not in special handling and nothing unusual about my file that I know of. This is the first time I've did the online dispute process. I just sent out yesterday three certified obsolete letters to the 3CB on this negative item and a GW letter to the original creditor. After reading more, I realized that contacting TU or EQ with obsolete letters should be done no earlier than 6 months from that specific CB's item estimated deletion date. For TU this negative falls off May-2016 (6 months out would be Nov.1st) and Experian March-2016. If I can't get the 3B to delete
  2. That's the problem there isn't anything comparable on the market anywhere for any amount of money that gives you real FICO 8 scores daily or semi-monthly. They just jacked up Experian Credit Tracker to $19.95 I see as well, people were telling me it was only $14.95/month before. http://www.asecurelife.com/best-credit-report-monitoring Even with CCT pulling the 6 TU/EQ pulls down to two a month, it was still (if you used the automated cancellation system) a great deal for $15.90 (what I pay with tax in Texas) to get a DAILY Experian FICO 08 score and full report. Then you use Credit Karma
  3. It sure the hell better be for Experian and CCT's sake, otherwise I'm putting out a hit on them with my highly trained midget clown ninja assassins! Think Blackwater meets Star Wars bounty hunters times a hundred!
  4. We have made some updates to our website, which will change the number of times you can access your updated Three Bureau Credit Report with FICO®Scores, powered by Experian®, Equifax® and TransUnion® to once per month. This change will go into effect on 10/9/2015. Don't worry, there have been no other interruptions to your other membership benefits. We are still working behind the scenes to monitor any changes to your Credit Report from the three major credit bureaus, and will alert you if any key changes occur. You also still have monthly access to your Three Bureau Credit Report with FICO®
  5. From another person with CCT. "I just checked creditchecktotal.com Before it was showing up as "Fico Score" now it says "Plus Score" I don't know if this is a glitch. This only happens when I click to view my 3B scores, on the main page it does still show up as Fico 8 score Click on today's Experian report and open it up. They have a lot of members (not for long) and they maybe converting all the accounts over this weekend to Plus Scores. They wouldn't be showing Plus Scores for some people and not others if they weren't converting.
  6. Wally MasterCard, PayPal Extras MasterCard and Smart Connect Card are the only Sync cards I've found so far to ever get over the $35K limit. Also CCT just dropped another bomb, they've switched to Plus Scores NOT FICO 08 Scores it looks like. See the last post by me with screenshots! https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=550693&hl=%2Bcredit+%2Bcheck+%2Btotal&do=findComment&comment=5354007
  7. CCT/Credit Check Total just went from bad to worse. They're no more FICO 08 scores it looks like, they went to Plus Scores now. WTF! Everyone on planet earth needs to cancel today from these bait and switch pieces of sh$t! Where the words Plus Score are now yesterday it said FICO Score.
  8. @Konrad12 I've literally read as of last weekend every post on CB and MF with the search terms of "Lowes, Walmart/Wal-mart and Amazon" (I'm a little OCD don't judge) and I track daily the highest limits and total exposure for the main Synchrony cards. The highest I've seen anywhere on Lowe's CL is $35K, Amazon Store Card $31K (not Chase Amazon), Walmart MasterCard $50K (one person ever and I thought that was BobWang, but maybe I wrote it down wrong and it was KB on here) and highest other non-store Synchrony cards with PayPal Extras MasterCard and Smart Connect is $45K for each. The hi
  9. @JeffeVerde Are you only filing online obsolete requests with the big 3B or are you sending letters to them as well? If you're sending letters are you sending them via certified mail and/or with return receipt? Are you sending any supporting documents or copies of your driver's license/ss with your letters? I got a baddie that is estimated on my credit reports to come off on March-2016 Experian and May-2016 Transunion and another huge OPEN collection with Midland Funding to come off May-2016 Experian and July-2016. I emailed multiple people at the March/May baddie's company as
  10. HELP! I just submitted an online Transunion dispute for a negative that is scheduled to come off in 6 months and I got this screen. I was going to send an obsolete dispute letter via certified mail with return receipt and from reading online I thought what the hell I'll give it a shot first. No bueno! I am not sending any supporting documents with my obsolete letter (I don't need to send a copy of my driver's license and SS card do I if my birth date and SS# is listed in the letter?) so should I or should I not right down this file # they gave me? Any benefit in not putting it down?
  11. @Mendy When you write Goodwill letters to companies who do you address them to usually? Are they generic "To Whom This May Concern" or "Dear Company name" salutations? On obsolete dispute letters to the three CRA's is the 6 month rule a hard line limit or if you have an "estimated deletion date" of May-EX/July-TU 2016 on a nasty OPEN Midland Funding collection would you wait until Nov.1st or send it out this month? Basically, live like you're asking for a CLI every two weeks from a Wal-mart card. I'm looking at sending this to the CRA's (minus the picture ) David H
  12. Damn, that's two days in a row you're up early and I'm still awake pulling back-to-back all-nighters. I finally finished your 33 page and counting thread about 30 minutes ago. Also it's 43 cards + 2 business cards + PayPal Credit = 46 cards. You might as well go for the half century mark Bama Boy. Don't fret I just read over on the store card addicts anonymous forum (aka MF) a woman who has 60 OPEN store cards. I'm pretty sure she is the kind of lady with 20 cats, but she's allergic to cats so she collects store cards with $300-$500 limits to keep her company.
  13. "I finally tapped out with Synchrony. I was able to get my accounts with them to a total exposure of $133k on $85k reported income." On MF I guy I've been following has $155,000 limits with Synchrony, so the max exposure with them can be higher than $133K with higher reported incomes.
  14. Thanks Nate. It could've been worse I could've been talking with redneck Alabama fans I guess. My next CLI request to $25K for Wally and Amazon is marked on my calendar for 11/20/15, the week before Black Friday and then 12/21/15 four days before Christmas. I read years ago that stores give more CLI and approvals in Nov/Dec then anytime of the year to customers. Since as much as 40-60% of their yearly revenues can be generated in those two months alone, so I'm timing my CLI request for the two biggest shopping weeks of the year. I have a new credit union vehicle cash back refinan
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