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  1. It is my heaven..... come visit, it's still as beautiful as ever
  2. Team one credit union, 5k on mentioning I wanted a balance transfer
  3. Sometimes when I'm bored on lake Michigan I remember all the friendly calls
  4. What do you want me to call you, I don't have your number
  5. So far Mission lane Wal mart non store card Qs And some other card I can't recall the name of None have fees
  6. Anyone use them to churn... asking for a friend
  7. I think I owed them close to 10k or so.... they placed a lein on my home that I was selling...I offered them 1k to withdraw the lein... they refused so I paid so d $400 to have the lein included in the bk... they got nothing
  8. Funniest thing ever.... Approved qs1 I burned capital one for close to 100k
  9. So far i have military star Mission lane fee free version And just got a merrick doublr your line with no fees Mission just increased my line to 1550
  10. I am black listed by so many creditors that I really don't know who to apply for.... Capone was arguably abusive but I found it entertaining From what I'm told I can keep the car until they attempt to come and get it....its not worth it for them honestly Navy was special in that my ex decided she wanted to be a joint account holder...I mailed them a $1 payment to renew the dola so she could enjoy all they have to offer... they are currently suing her... best $1 I ever spent There's nobody i know of to apply for... after November everything i own will be paid off... Scores are between 632 and 691
  11. Yes they're going to do it....request method of validation
  12. Are you disputing it in writing or online
  13. They won't check pacer Freezing ln has other consequences but it will work
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