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  1. Try adding general motors supplier discount 6k in rebates And 2.49....still won't do it.... Prices are going to drop drastically within the next 3 months
  2. I would rather go through chemotherapy (again) then later get divorced(again) all while slowly piercing my retina with a warm needle..... than recommend anyone visit myfico
  3. This would be a bad time to make a covid home right
  4. It's a horrible conversion.... like .9 per mile years ago.... This can't be done with choice can it?
  5. Used to when redeeming for rentals and motels
  6. I was wondering if they are like AA miles where points can be redeemed the same as cash while booking
  7. At least The ones that chose to accept the discount..... I would say 70% do
  8. I only pay $32 plus tax though.... that's the wild card
  9. You can buy a home va no money down 2 years from discharge.... apartments look for prior unpaid rent.... file the 7....
  10. Choice privileges cards..... My wife's aunt works for them meaning we get rooms for $32 a night plus tax.... Thinking this cars would have no value as we pay so little am I wrong? Yes we stay at choice quite often due to where my kids live (cunticle ex wife who left while I was in chemo)
  11. The first real comment I've made in a long while and all I can say is ... discover.... sigh
  12. Worst of the worst Into the tall grass.... someone kill me

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