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  1. I am black listed by so many creditors that I really don't know who to apply for.... Capone was arguably abusive but I found it entertaining From what I'm told I can keep the car until they attempt to come and get it....its not worth it for them honestly Navy was special in that my ex decided she wanted to be a joint account holder...I mailed them a $1 payment to renew the dola so she could enjoy all they have to offer... they are currently suing her... best $1 I ever spent There's nobody i know of to apply for... after November everything i own will
  2. Yes they're going to do it....request method of validation
  3. Are you disputing it in writing or online
  4. They won't check pacer Freezing ln has other consequences but it will work
  5. Military star was the easiest I've ever done... Navy Barclay and cap one started with the calls on day one.... I turned them into interesting conversations as when I was going through chemo it was a bad idea to leave the house.... The only one I really had an issue with was forum credit union.... They sued immediately and spent a Substantial amount of money in the process.... they collected nothing for their trouble... The mission lane sent me an invite before I was even discharged The good star is that the car i had financed and discharged, the le
  6. Used to be a regular here a few years ago... In the last few years I went through chemo and a divorce... which led to a chapter 13, then a conversion to a 7 I burned Navy really bad Capital one really really bad A slew of credit unions Barclay Comenity Ge That turd nba card And probably a few others I can't even remember Yes I made sure they were all maxed because why not Debating on making this a journal of some sort The day I was discharged, I got a mission lane invite Approved 1k Apped military star 4450
  7. You got me debating it.... I burned Navy Barclay Indiana members Dcu Cap one Synchrony Comenity Forum credit union A few other credit unions (a lot) That nba card company And a few more
  8. I'm getting ads displaying over threads... at first I thought I was seeing things... then I realized I'm not stoned yet
  9. The desire just isn't there.... mostly because of the sites now terrible mobile format...
  10. They won't even pull lol I burned a rather extensive list
  11. I went through chemo and filed bk on them.... not to mention got divorced about the same time
  12. Its all good..... I'm so blacklisted from them it's almost funny
  13. Gravedigger Just throwing it out there This card is bk friendly as soon as you are discharged $4,450 Currently has 2% cash back including gift cards And does not care if you went through chemo.... Hooah
  14. Try adding general motors supplier discount 6k in rebates And 2.49....still won't do it.... Prices are going to drop drastically within the next 3 months
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