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  1. Question. I am in the process of becoming member. My EQ score is like 769. What should I be asking for? I've been researching and have seen a lot of varying results. But I'd like to get a high limit card ($25,000 probably) because I know people are able to get them rather easily, and I sort of need the limit now. I don't want to turn them off, but I hear they are pretty generous. So, when I get confirmed, any ideas on how I should go forward initially?
  2. Negatives: 1. They go to town and leave you holding the bag. 2. They go to town, don't run away from their obligations, but you have high utilization. Positives: 1. You get rewards on their spending. Benefits to AU: 1. Increased average age of accounts possibly. 2. Better credit utilization ratio. 3. Possible increase in credit score. 4. Possible appearances of increased creditworthiness. That's all I can think of now. Ok. Thank you. So, can adding an AU make credit card companies scared of me in any way or use it to deny me credit/cards or reduce credit limits etc? Or could having an AU be looked at as me being riskier in some way?
  3. What are the positives and negatives of having an AU on your account? I'm thinking of adding an AU to help them build their credit history, and their spending can help me get more cash back. The person is responsible and I can trust them. But what are the possible negatives for me? And will this person being an AU really benefit or no?
  4. USAA MasterCard: $7000 to $16,000. I did it through their online chat service (which disappeared for me, after I did a survey and complained a little about it). It was easy. I asked for a credit increase. They asked me how much I wanted. I said maybe $11-$12,000, or whatever was possible, and they instantly gave me $16,000. I was pretty happy. But at the same time, I've been a member for over 7 years, and when I asked for an increase in the past, they wouldn't give it to me. They owed me, big time. I can post more details about this, but I'll wait. The other was Penfed Visa Signature Rewards. I didn't even have the card yet (still waiting on it). New member. I requested an increase because they started me at $6,000. They did a hard inquiry and raised me to $7,500. Next time I am doing it over the phone. Don't do it online. Next was Chase. That's another story.....they gave me an increase but reduced another credit limit on another card. I'll post more details on that too. I'm new here so I'm just starting out randomly.
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