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  1. And I'll say that mendelson could have recognized the compliment or done something better in response......instead he congratulate the person to blast my comment (and compliment).
  2. For someone who thinks they are so smart, what you just posted about Mende is pretty stupid. You prove over and over and over why we made the correct decision in putting you on moderation. Besides being completely uncalled for, any problems you have with other members you bring on yourself with dumb comments like you made above. Jesus. I gave a compliment with a disclaimer that I didn't want it used against me if there is a future debate/argument. Just delete my account. Do everyone a favor. (I will say, I've brought good information and value to many. How is this: screw you! Perma ban and delete account. Bye bye!). Yes, I know this is it.
  3. Trader Joe's is the cheapest and best quality. Costco is also good (not all Costco's are equal. I got a membership and almost canceled because my closest store was kind of lame and I wasn't seeing the value. Oh boy. Then I visited a few other Costco's and found ONE of them that had such a bigger selection of products and way better value). Buy your regular stuff in bulk from a Costco like store. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us), most people are too lazy or don't see the value or make excuses like they don't have enough storage space or they they won't use such big containers of food or supplies. They just buy everyone more expensively more often from the regular grocery store. Oh well.
  4. Is it possibly to buy reloadits online? Also, are there any prepaid cards that I can load with "debit" cards online? I'm just on the road too much (overseas ALOT) and I want to be able to MS without Walmart or Target etc. I'm actively looking for solutions that allow me to do a lot of the work online.
  5. I love making credit moves. It's definitely an adrenaline pumping sport. I find that I have my best results when I sort of, "spontaneously" go for it (except that I do prepare a lot and educate myself as best as possible, even to the point or paralysis, but then I let it cool off, and eventually pull the trigger). And you know what folks? I've gotten results that are said to be "impossible" at times. (However, equally so, I've seen that there are very distinct systems in place that will define your results). Long story short, educate yourself and make moves. So what if everyone is having bad luck. You might not. And so what is everyone is getting something awesome from a lender: you also might not. You must be aggressive in this hobby, and be prepared to take losses at times. The ONLY way to get anywhere in this hobby is to TRY, and if you fail, then learn from it and keep going. Not to give praise (because I've had issues with this member and I don't want this being used against me at some point), but a good example is mendelsohn: he had a mess of a credit profile with like 1,000 messed up student loans and other issues. Look at what he has now. If he didn't aggressively move himself within this hobby, he'd be sitting there with the same problems. You have to want it and manifest your goals into reality. You're not going to get anywhere without making your own moves. The results are as unpredictable as they are predictable. I've only gotten fully denied once (and I could have turned it around if I wanted too). If you reach high, you're going to get high results. One thing I'll disagree with in the original post: I think a little bit of lender dislike is a good motivator.
  6. He probably has an automated system to keep each of those cards "lighting" up at the appropriate time. Issuers are probably just waiting for months to pass, so they can close a card, and then it lights up with activity, resetting the clocks. I just have to look at anyone with this many cards, as approaching the hobby with a slightly less than innocent nature. I guess that interpretation makes it fun for me, even if it could be completely wrong.
  7. I feel your pain brother. I am just so thankful I got obsessed with credit at the time I did. I was able to get d*, 4 Amex's, and a lot of b*. Everything worked out perfectly for me in that regard. I do have regrets though so I know how you feel. You just have to keep rolling forward with discipline and motivation. If you want stuff bad enough, you'll get it. I do wish I added ONE more d* Amex..........oh man. It would be ON then. I'd be set for the next couple of years. But, things keep getting worse. They are tightening everything up. But I haven't been around long enough to know if things will continue to get worse or if things are bound to get better.
  8. On a serious note, those risks are probably why they don't have a McCard right now. People so reliably buy and eat their McDonald's that any card would be valuable in scentific studies. The amount of information that could be taken from a McCard would be able to tell us everything about the impacts of heavy consumption. I, myself, am addicted to McDonald's. I don't eat it a lot but I go through stages of being addicted to it (like I'll eat it once or twice and then want it 20 times the next month). Also, I found a McDonald's that gives 10% off for veterans. So, it helps with the cost. (Except the first time I for the discount I paid first without realizing it and I read it on the drive through window AFTER I paid with my card. And the fat lazy glasses wearing SOB was so lazy he tried not to apply the discount. I hate most employees nowadays. Absolutely worthless).
  9. Hahaha. They must hate you. But I when you must win your disputes easily. I'd use it as leverage: "Look....I want to dispute 13 items, and you're going to do them all now. My paper reports are 16 pounds each, so it's in your best interest to get all of this done in one shot".
  10. Ouch. But if anyone ever give you crap about the MO's or structuring, this is the perfect example to give: last time I did it all at once, the ATM at them. Keep all the evidence and document this event as best you can.
  11. Inspired


    If this is your business, you should already know these answers. Just send your clients here. Omg that was hilarious. gildog32, are Nigerian by any chance?
  12. Can you explain your exact steps? Were you denied for the QS? Which cards did you apply for first?
  13. I don't have a CSP and kind of wish I did because I don't have a good understanding of UR points. However, you can transfer UR points 1:1 to United Airlines, which makes the CSP better then the Mileageplus Explorer if you fly United internationally (one bag is free on international flights, negating the free bag benefit of the Explorer card). And I don't value United Miles at 1 mile per $1 as a good deal.
  14. The best value is Trader Joe's..... And they accept credit cards (and they are also owed by Aldi).
  15. No. Just make sure if you go for a CLI, you know it will be a soft pull CLI, or you are prepared to take the hard pull. Freezing your reports at this point is possibly good for discipline (you will start to get a lot of good offers in the mail. You will be tempted. Some might be really good and you should take them. Most often though, the same offers come around again and are relatively continuous. Best thing for you though is to be patient and wait. Those same offers will come around, except you'll likely start off with higher limits and better rates etc).
  16. This has been my experience as well. Mine has never shown up on the prequal, so it's exclusively EX for me. Are you saying if we applied in the past, we are stuck on a particular CRA? Yes, if you want a credit limit increase, Chase refuses to pull anything else than what the original pull was (for the card you want the increase for). That's been my experience.
  17. Oh man. Why weren't you reading about Chase before you applied? Too late now.. Recent trends show that you are probably denied. However, call again. And keep calling. Call 20 times. Maybe someone will overturn it. Only do this if you really want the cars though. Otherwise, take the loss, skip the stress, and stay away from Chase until they start approving people again.
  18. You feel guilty now? Why spread that guilt out over MONTHS? Pay the cars off, and spare yourself the punishment of a silly mistake. It will be cheaper financially and psychologically.
  19. Remember, lenders change with the times and even depending on which product they are servicing. I don't think this is am issue of quality but customer service (who's got your back and how are you treated) and how the products benefit you (rewards, value, and ease of use etc). So a person flying certain airlines or renting a lot of cars or buying a lot of merchandise is going to have a different need than the next person. One issued might have the right products for one person and not for the other. In my current ranking: Amex: great service, easy approval, easy high limits, has your back. Appreciates you as a customer. Best grocery cards etc. They have a pretty good lineup of cards. Capital One: not enough experience with the customer service yet, but that's also a good sign (everything is clear, functions well, and I haven't had to deal much with the customer service. However when I have, I didn't have complaints). Capital One has easy products, straight up easy rewards, no FTF's, good cards etc. They give out great limits and if you prequalify and wait around, you can lock down a very low interest rate for a rewards card. But this is their prime end and also relatively newer. Their other than prime areas are probably bad (they used to be horrific). Chase: products are lame, customer service is awful (usually unhelpful, rude, arrogant, no customer appreciation). Where Chase shines is good bonuses and they have better no FTF products than Amex. But Amex is superior in customer service. Barclay's is similar to Chase, but maybe even worse in some ways. Credit Unions are weird. So, Amex and Cap One are the best for me. Basically, you have to find the products you like and that bring value to you. And then you have to get them. Then you have to diversify because things change and you don't want all your eggs in one basket. And then you will tend to stick with the companies that you have good experiences with.
  20. No. So you're saying.......there's a chance!!!
  21. Nice. How long did you have the old Venture open for?
  22. Still usable I think. A couple grand cash back per year is worth it. If I knew of more lucrative methods, then maybe I wouldn't care about the OBC, but for now it looks to be a good option.
  23. I have 4 Amex's. I want the PRG 50,000 for $1,000 spend bonus and an Old Blue (it better stick around. At first hint it isn't, I'm getting one). But I wish I could upgrade my useless Green card into the PRG and still get the bonus. Any ideas if this is possible? I'm keeping my 4 D* Amex's for awhile. They bring me too much value. But if I could, I'd convert my Green to a PRG, get the bonus, and then convert it back to a Green, and then downgrade my Platinum to a PRG. The PRG is superior to the Platinum now and I'd use it a lot more than my Platinum. The best card in Amex's lineup is the Everyday card. Everyone should start with that card and keep it (if they want points). But my overall goal with Amex is to get at least 2 Old Blue's and a PRG. Then I'm set.
  24. What is the limit on the new Venture? I love Capital One! They are smart. They knowingly take the risk and loss by throwing credit and bonuses out there (but end up being more profitable than almost any lender). They don't care if you get the bonuses or tons of cards. They've figured out a way to make it work for now. When in doubt, when I need credit, when I want a 0% card for some big purchases, I grab myself a couple Cap One cards. I love it. Right now I'm rocking the Spark 2%. It's really nice swinging that 2% everywhere and on everything, and watching the cash build up (the $500 bonus doesn't hurt either).
  25. Supermarkets can complain about swipe fees, but they can turn around and buy their stock on credit and get rewards for it, right? Generally swipe fees make things more expensive, but that's the way the situation is nowadays. Most complaints I see about swipe fees are cry baby articles like this, trying to use swipe fees as an excuse for their increased prices. No doubt larger stores/businesses negotiate good deals with their merchant processors and the savings they make in speedily getting customers out the door with less employees to pay, are worth the costs.
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