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  1. Neither the database here or the one on "whogavemecredit" lists them. You might try calling their credit department and asking them.
  2. Same thing happened to me when I applied for a wally store card several months back. They are bunch of buttholes. Personally I think any creditor that denies based off a computerized decision and won't take the time to do a manual review is underserving of my business.
  3. Why does it seem like people won't even touch a debt until it's past the SOL. Do you think if you attempt anything, the collection agency is going to be like "he sent us a letter, guess we better sue him". Makes 0 sense.
  4. IMO, the word "cute" and "Asian girls" don't belong in the same sentence.
  5. I had a Victoria's Secret credit card for 6 months now. Pink and glittery. They were the first to approve me for a card, it was my first unsecured card. Due for a CLI in 3 months. Never carried it with me, though. Kept it in my sock drawer, along with other.......things.
  6. My knowledge of this is rather limited, but unless they asked, I thought creditors could not hard pull your credit without your permission, collection agency or not.
  7. I have stopped app'ing. I am not apping for at the min...6 months, or unless something pops up on a soft pull. I had the account 7 months, and I pointed out to the lady that the other trade lines were paid for for that month, trying to make a point that I wasn't turning into some dead beat. It's a entirely different situation when a paycheck arrives late, and I had quite a few other bills that renew annually and what not that were due as well. $30 is a lot of money when you already spent over $900 paying bills from your own savings account due to a missing paycheck. I know some of the people here at CB may be rich, but over 39% of American's don't have $500 to their name, I'm one of them. Jesus, I'm trying to REPAIR my credit, do you honestly think I would of stuck myself with a 30 day late for $hit's and giggles?
  8. he was already banned. that's why he came back with a different user name. I was not banned. I came back with a different username because my old account was tied to an email I got rid of, so I could not recover my password.
  9. Ding ding ding, we have a winna! Also someone at EQ pretty much admitted I can't receive it online at all for free.
  10. No? Utilization is THIRTY PERCENT of my score. I need to figure out why it's so high. I tried calculating it 5 different ways, with AU, without AU, with closed accounts, without, with installment loan, with, etc. Highest I got with the data from the Experian Report (which the score came from). Was 46%.
  11. Actually on that..several people reported Fico 08 does not count AU's anymore. If that were true, my UTL would be a ton lower than 51% because I'm a AU on an account with a $3k limit and $0 balance.
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