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  1. Look at those scores! Holy crap! You aint ever been about messing around! Congratulations. You totally deserve it!
  2. Raccoon on your bread truck. Sounds like a crazy sex move. Maybe like the-beast-with-two-backs, but at a high rate of speed?
  3. This weekend a closed loan started reporting on my otherwise clean report (TU) and hit me for 71 points. The loan was opened in the summer of 1985, and reported as closed August 31 of this year. Fun stuff right? Gets better. I called around. Turns out the company reporting the 34 year old loan (of 300 dollars) did an update on their reporting systems, and they accidentally batched a butt load of old COs. Yup, you guess it right, the reporting entity is a Credit Union. I managed to get carbon copied on internal email that is currently being traded between
  4. I'm absolutely shocked that a beat-up, jet trash attention whore would resort to credit card fraud to support a spending addiction. Flabbergasted.
  5. Yeah. I bet you ten bucks you're wrong by the end of the year.
  6. Where eat? Tell food story. Benny's? Are you kidding me?
  7. USB gives out the C+ with an eyedropper. That's their flagship card, and they're tight-gripped with it.
  8. Trusting an Ex to have your best interests in mind is absolute folly.
  9. For the love of Mike, in which dystopian nightmare is booze not considered essential?
  10. Cute. I love the assumption that the middle class is populated by 60% of consumers with wealth starting at $0.00. The chart should clearly illustrate a housing shortage, but no...
  11. Yeah, you tip the guy. He effectively moved your dead Grand Pappy, and thanked you for it. Tip enough for a 12 pack. Trust me, that's the sweet spot.
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