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  2. I feel the need to add my .02cents on this. ANY info that I gain from C.B. I look at as a gift. I lurked for a long time and only made my original post because I started feeling guilty, like I was spying on you guys. I still have a ton to learn, so I try to avoid posting as I feel there is almost always someone could give better info. I certainly don't feel entitled to anything, in other words Thank you Cb ERS for what you have shared. Please know there are still grateful newbies out there.
  3. I myself live by the "there but for the grace of God go I" theory. I am far from religious, but if not for some outstanding family and friends there is a very good chance that I might be standing on a corner holding a sign today! Instead I am living comfortably with a six figure salary and a beautiful family. Bad things happen to good people and karma is a mouse.
  4. Why chat , hope its not presumptuous but I thought you might find this interesting. Hadn't seen any thing similar in my reading.
  5. I am a newbie here myself, so I try to refrain from posting, and do more reading. That being said... I was recently denied credit from Ford even though I have paid off three new vehicles in the last ten years. Got instant approval from my C.U. for 30 k, at a great rate. Only been a member for about a year. Also just got a 10 k visa from them with my highest cl being cap one 2 k. I couldn't be happier with my C.U.
  6. Surfj 9009 you beat me to it! Am a USCG LICENSED MASTER merchant Marine guess that means I'm not eligible either.
  7. Now I'm going to have to figure out what the h@## tree House means
  8. I'm following all of you right to an AMEX approval..
  9. Had to post this!! Still have not gotten my mailed reports, so I have been quietly reading and learning. Came across an old thread where BOB suggested that someone try applying to a cu to increase their cl . said what the hell apped my cu that has my auto loan. APPROVED 10K VISA you guys rock never would have thought to do that. Be back in touch when I receive cr's THANKS
  10. Thanks again for the warm welcome. Will be ordering my CR's over the weekend., as well as starting the whychact process for the med collections. Sure I will have some stupid questions when the reports come but I will restrain from asking them until I complete my "homework" and have CR's in hand

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