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  1. Hey there! I was referred to this forum by a friend, and after reading through most of the stickied posts around the place I got a good understanding of some of the laws regarding credit reporting but need some clarification. I was told that it was 6 years from the date last reported for collections / debt accounts, not last activity. If it was last activity / first delinquent date, I should be hitting the 6 years very shortly, so im not sure what to do here as last reported dates are mostly 2014. Other than that, I would appreciate any advice to help build back up my credit. I am currently a student, and have limited means of generating income (am on government assistance because of a disability, but not full disability support so not much money per month). I might have $100 a month after saving towards tuition to pay off some debt. I have ~$12000 total (after interest built up) in outstanding debt from a few years back.. was wondering the best course of action. There are various accounts so I have made a JPG and hosted a link if you wanted to check it over.. Here is the link for my credit info: http://imgur.com/dYLpF27 I don't NEED my credit at all right now, I use cash for everything, but I need to start working on it before it gets too late as I will be looking to purchase a home within the next 5-10 years. I graduate in 1.5 years and can start paying off major chunks of this if needed. Thanks for any assistance! PS. Sorry for posting a request like this as my first post, been reading a while, but could use some input from others around here.

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