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  1. It is a total of 25 years under the IBR repayment plan. Where you under IBR during those years when you made the payments? I am interested to know that as well, will making payments during IBR (min amt due: $0.00) help or hurt you for the 25 yr loan forgiveness?
  2. I would say to definitely apply for the IBR they will tell you what you need in the application. I had a very similar issue as well (monthly payment of almost 2gs) , I applied for an IBR and got approved. They asked for a copy of my pay stub as opposed to tax papers. But once again they will let you know what you need. I believe student loan companies are very willing to work with you, because for some it is a life long debt lol
  3. Was this successful? Looking to apply for one, but want to know success rate if I get a denial
  4. As a newbie, still learning the lingo. Can someone please explain what the letter + * mean and what are the benefits of it? I'm assuming some have to do w credit inquiries on your CR? But how does it help with credit repair? If there is a forum that gives me this info w/o having to go back years thru 400 posts please do share...:-). Thx all
  5. I have disputed this account on Experian as obsolete and this was the resulting outcome. This still shows under the potentially negative. It also shows my payment history with just 9/2007- 6/2008 only. And June 2008 as 'CLS'. Is there a way to remove this completely from my report?: Status: Paid in settlement/Never late. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Mar 2015. This item was updated from our processing of your dispute in Aug 2014. Date Opened: 01/2004 Date of Status: 06/2008 Reported Since: 09/2007 Last Reported Date:
  6. Still a little new here, but just need to know some of the slang on here. I reviewed the abbreviation section, but some stuff still missing. Thx in advance 1. OP? 2. B*? 3. FICO vs FAKO 4. JBD and why we don't like them? (I think) 5. TL = trade line? But what does that mean? 6. C*? 7. NFCU?
  7. I feel the same way, every time I learn a new method on here some other road block occurs that I didn't know abt (ie blacklisting). So the best advice is to just read and do what you can from the information given on here. I'm starting to learn it really takes patience and consistency. Good luck!
  8. I guess I was shooting for the cards instead of shooting for the clouds. :-/. Baby steps, baby steps...secured cards it is.
  9. I have just applied for the freedom card as well but was declined, I called recon line and apparently I had a CO w them 7 years ago. Don't even recall this or know if I paid it because it is not even on my report. Does this mean I am blacklisted? Should I call back and try to contest this? Has anyone had such a situation?
  10. Creditors have their own records. While federal law results in removal of most negatives after 7 years from credit reports there is no limitation on how long creditors can retain account information. Refusing an app based on their own records is known as blacklisting and some places are more forgiving than others. You can search here on "blacklisting" for further info. Oh Ok. Good to know. Thanks for the info. Will look into that :-)
  11. You need to app for secured cards first then wait 6 months or so before going for unsecured cards. The Freedom card is not secured and it is a rewards card. Both of those make it much harder to get than secured cards. Yea, I will just do that. I called recon and they told me a had a c/o with them in 2008. I don't even remember ever having a chase card and especially not paying that charge off. They gave me a number to their recovery agency, but not sure what that will do to prove it's not me. And none of this is on my credit report, so not sure how they even see this.
  12. Applied for the chase freedom and was denied due to 'delinquency or other derogatory relationship with our bank'. Would I call the recon line in this type of situation? Only reason I can think this occurred is bc I closed my checking acct with them because I could not afford the monthly fees. Could there be any other reason, because I have never had a card with them in the past...
  13. I will have to read up more on credit unions because I'm not sure which are avail to me and what it involves to get it. But one wo credit check sounds like a great start
  14. Sounds like a plan! Now to fig out what's the easiest and what's the hardest. Sigh!
  15. Yea, that's what I was thinking as well. It'll be like killin 2 birds with one stone. Great advice
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