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  1. Hi Can I get some guidance on how to remove some old paid off charge offs from my CRs? -CAP 1 paid charge off in 2016 -CAP 1 paid charge off closed in 2015 -Santander paid charge off in 2017 -An old student loan that was 120 days late that was closed to transfer in 12/17 Covid hit me hard so I have tons of charge offs and collections for other accounts that are recent that I know I won't be able to do anything with Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  2. Ok. I received hard copies all three reports last week and it was updated to closed on all 3 of the CR so I wasn't sure if they would delete it after they updated it. Thanks I'll wait.
  3. Hi I filed a complaint with the BBB and CFPB on Cavalry Portfolio and just received a response from CFPB claiming that Cavalry states that they closed my TL and requested that the CRAs delete it, but all they did was update the information. Also, I never received anything from Cavalry about what they planned on doing. What should I do now? I am in the process of 1-2 Punching them and was getting ready to send off the ITS. Should I send this letter to the CRAs for deletion? Should I dispute their response to the CFPB that I never received anything? Thanks
  4. I had a charge off with Cap One. Yes I have the hard copies of all three CRA's I have had the secured card about 4 months and keep it under 1% Utilization EXPERIAN SCORES FICO Score 2 641 FICO Score 3 620 FICO Bankcard Score 8 632 FICO Score 8 629
  5. Thank you very much for your advice!! Plan to buy in Dec or Jan. I do have a secured CC with USAA and plan to get another one this month as well. I can't do Cap One, because they automatically turn me down. I have been nervous to apply for anything as to not lower my score any more than it is. I also have a car payment that was finally caught up about 3 months ago. I guess I will finish the 1-2 process and hope for the best, but not stress out over it. I started in Mar with a 444 so I have come a long way thanks to this forum!!! If you have any suggestions on which CC's or TL to apply fo
  6. Verizon is $396 HSBC is $411 But I was told that the HSBC credit card no longer exists.
  7. I started this journey a few months back and have had great successes with everything but Pinnacle and Cavalry Portfolio CA's. I started the 1-2 Punch and disputed both and DV'd both. I have not received anything from the 1st DV and sent off the second one last week. I just got back the results from two CRAs and: EQ CAVALRY PORTFOLIO for HSBC verified that everything is reporting correctly which is not true. DOFD is 3/12 PINNACLE for VERIZON verified as well DOFD 3/11 EX PINNACLE was "processed" CAVALRY was updated and I think they closed it. If they closed it on this repo
  8. Hi I have a quick question. I just received an update from CRAs stating the Cavalry just closed the account but did not delete it off CRAs. What is my next move? Thanks
  9. Thanks Breeze I'm sorry for all the questions. But I just disputed it when I did the 1-2 punch. Will they say it's frivolous?
  10. Hi I just received notification from my credit monitoring that the CA updated EQ stating that they closed the account. I haven't received a response from the DV, should I continue with the 2nd DV or just file a complaint with CFPB? And on what grounds? Yes it is out of SOL. Thanks
  11. But I read on here somewhere that they don't have to legally respond to a DV if it's out of the 30 day window of when they sent me the original collection letter. So what was your reason to CFPB them? Granted I know they can't sue me because it's out of SOL, but how can I file a complaint if the company (TCI) representing them sent out their letter while I was DVing Cavalry and they? I'm just trying to figure out on what grounds to get them both.
  12. Ok so I am confused. Would it be SOL from my state or the state of the HSBC credit card? I received the card back in 2011 before Capitol One bought them out. I'm in Fl and our SOL is 4 years. The card was DOFD on 3/2012.
  13. So it will be okay to do that even if they sent it before Calvary actually received it? Just making sure Would it be a borrowing statute for a credit card? DOFD from 3/12. I will check to make sure.
  14. Hi So I started my 1-2 punch this week with Cavalry (HSBC). They received the DV May 9th. Today I got a letter in the mail dated May 6th from a place called Total Card Inc, TCI stating that they are representing Cavalry and that "their client" is willing to accept 3 partial payments and that once they receive payments they will quit calling me and so-on. It also states that they can not sue me for the debt (IT'S IN SOL) and Cavalry will not report it to any CRAs. Now what do I do? I don't think TCI is reporting to CRAs yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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