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  1. And a defense attorney says after the violent shove and contact with the ground, the defendant was dazed, seeing double and in fear of getting his head stomped.
  2. Don't knock donkey till you tried it. It's actually quite delicious. Donkey hot pot, donkey hamburger, donkey dumplings. Donkey hamburger tastes like lamb, but doesn't have that gamey-tasting fat. And donkey is much more delicious than horse!
  3. Do mortgages cease when someone dies? Margin loans on securities? Auto payments? Why should credit card debt be any different?
  4. Discover will give auto CLI's, btu they are not givens, and I haven't seen any evidence that they routinely give CLI's to graduating accounts. If you want a CLI with Discover, you log in to your online portal, go to MANAGE - CREDIT OPTIONS - CREDIT LINE INCREASE. You don't get to request an amount. It SHOULD be a soft INQ.
  5. Too bad for you. Should have had white truffle carbonera spaghetti in Tivoli
  6. Now someone else is calling it a glitch. About a year ago Mendel was swearing up and down that the multi-browser trick wasn't working for him. I'm not sure if this is another one of those things or what.
  7. Some SUB's can be valuable. 50,000MR's can be worth $650-x,xxx depending on how they are used. On a 2% card I'd guess you're only netting 0.75% in profits. So for $10K your making $75. That SUB has a value of 8 months of your MS profits. I'm pretty sure VGC's from a grocery store still count towards AMEX SUB's. But Simon Mall, Macerich, online gift card sites don't. You should get a Freedom 5% and a Discover 5% as well if you don't have them already.
  8. The only disadvantages are: 1. If the primary allows balances to report. 2. AMEX AU cards show up as new accounts which can (will) drag down AAOA
  9. AU cards do get all the same earnings as the primary. So they get double cash back. Discover AU's cannot set up their own online profile. In order to be eligible for Discover Deals, you'd have to give them access to the primary profile. Discover AU's do NOT have unique card numbers. All info is the same other than the name and the 4 character code on the bottom right of the card that is for internal Discover security purposes. You can have up to 5 AU's
  10. 1 of my 2 Biz SPG's will go, 1 of my 2 BGR's will go. My Vanilla Gold will go. My SC+ will go.
  11. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/the-amex-offers-multi-tab-trick-is-dead/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  12. Do purchases on Discover AU cards also get the double cash back the first year? (assuming the primary is getting the double cash back obviously) Can Discover AU's set up their own online login for Discover Deals access? Do Discover AU's have unique card numbers? Can you have 3 AU's on a Discover card?
  13. As long as you don't MS the sign up bonuses for AMEX, you can do anything you want with them. You were only MSing Barclays @ supermarkets for 2%, so you don't have a very high bar set for yourself. Alliant 3%, NFCU AMEX 3%, Golden1 3% are all better than what you had. Citi DC and PayPal MC are both 2% so just as good as you had.
  14. I recently redeemed some JetBlue points for a Mint flight. It was unequivocally without a doubt the best domestic flight experience I have ever had. That being said, not the best redemption rate. B6 gives you about a $0.012 redemption value towards the Mint product, whereas the ghetto class redemption is usually $0.016-$0.018. The best B6 redemption value if you are Mosaic is the Even More Space seat upgrades. A $100 upgrade is ~1000 points. $0.10/mile is tough to beat.
  15. On the contrary, please take Disco and try it in a couple places to test acceptance. We have a thread on here dedicated to the failure rate of Disco outside the US.
  16. Those figures are highly subjective. Most of the places listed you could eat cheap if you wanted to. New York - pizza and beer London - fish and chips and mushy peas and warm beer Vienna - coffee, pastries, Käsekrainer and beer Frankfurt - Rahmschnitzel, Königsberger Klopse and beer Hong Kong - the world's least expensive Michelin starred restaurant is a dim sum place called Tim Ho Wan or you can get typhoon shelter spicy crab and beer Bangkok - street food stalls with Pad Thai, boat noodles, green papaya salad and beer Tokyo - ramen, sushi, yakatori and beer Absolutely nothing on that list needs to be expensive to be extremely delicious. And everything is endemic to that locale.
  17. What's hard about it? The stewardesses are already getting paid. The people are buckled into their seats and a bunch of them just paid $50 or $100 to check luggage that would be free with the card. If ever there was a "captive audience" that is one.
  18. StarCucks refills are $0.50. With a StarCucks Gold card they are free. I'd guess you could take the same cup back day after day for free refills.
  19. CX/Sync sent me a targeted Asia Miles offer. 65000 Asia Miles for $5K spend and the $95 AF. So 70000 Asia Miles for $5K spend and then never touch it unless i get spend offers because otherwise the card sucks. $12K starting limit.
  20. It's a cleaner shoot than the two dooshbag LAPD officers that fired rounds into the front door of a Trader Joes from sidearms at 50yds and killed that poor lady. They should be charged.
  21. Haji Since PotO added facial before I hit submit, I will be changing it to HajiGirl
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