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  1. Basic accounting. 11 months from now is basically the end of Q2 2019
  2. Starting printing either hard copies or pdf's of the payment confirmation that is given the second you submit the payment order.
  3. I don't need peppers. But i do prefer the bread to be falling apart from the gravy
  4. Exactly. Once the balances have been transferred to a lower rate, the APR is no longer relevant. Until the debt is paid off, closing cards will raise your utilization percentage and depress your scores. CapOne has no AF cards to product change to. Target CC doesn't even have an annual fee.
  5. It's not an either/or situation. But tonight, someone can choose Budweiser over an IPA. Or eat and drink at home rather than eat out. Or eliminate entertainment expenses. Or raise the thermostat so the AC doesn't run as much.
  6. Don't close anything unless it has exorbitant fees until the debt is paid down.
  7. Cut everything you can. Sell anything you can. Min pay everything and throw anything remaining at the highest APR debt. Repeat.
  8. Actually it does have a bearing. If it has a negative effect, how is it not relative? What you quoted and your response are the same. LOL. Loud music when given no choice but to listen is disconcerting - If the music is too loud, I don't dine there. Period
  9. If you haven't left the US in 17+ years, just do PreCheck. Cards that reimburse for GE reimburse for PreCheck. https://www.tsa.gov/precheck
  10. 1. Why on earth would you let $1100 in points just sit in your NFCU rewards wallet? 2. If you travel internationally and don't have a criminal record, why wouldn't you apply for what is essentially free GE? If you never fly internationally, or do so so infrequently that getting to a GE interview center isn't worth the time, then do TSA PreCheck which is also essentially free and doesn't even require an interview appointment at the interview center of which there are substantially more locations (in comparison to GE).
  11. Hence the reason the PSYOPs strap loudspeakers to tanks and Humvees, especially in MOUT settings. Loud music when given no choice but to listen is disconcerting, even more so when you can't understand the words. One of the earliest instances of music as a psychological warfare tool was by Santa Anna at The Alamo (at least according to military textbooks). The Germans strapped wind powered sirens to Studka dive bombers to howl as they rolled in for attacks, and British troops at Dunkirk said it was the scariest part of the entire ordeal. Noriega got blasted with Welcome To The Jungle and I Fought The Law for days on end in his Papal sanctuary. At Abu Ghraib the Army and the Spooks blasted detainees with the Barney show I Love You song endlessly. Gitmo detainees got Bodies by Drowning Pool. The Humvees were playing Ride of the Valkyries in Fallujah to start the show. It was cheesy but it got everyone fired up and let the hajis know they were about to die.
  12. "Sucker Free" or "Sucka Free" is a California gangster rap term, so everything you said makes sense. Does seem out of place in The GasLamp but then again NWA The Movie was a box office hit so...
  13. I wouldn't mind checking out Felix's BBQ in Oceanside. I'd really want bbq chicken with Alabama white sauce but that doesn't appear to be an option on their website. How can you have Alabama bbq chicken without Alabama white sauce? The Crack Shack has killer sandwiches, but their fried chicken stand alone is just whatever to me and therefore overpriced because it's just whatever
  14. I've gotten shoved to the Philippines and India a couple times lately from AMEX. Now i just call the Biz Plat number to deal with every card.
  15. Apply for something else (or two) BEFORE you close it.
  16. Here's an annoyance from an AMEX email I received today. Get 20,000 MRs for each business owner you refer for a business Platinum card. For a maximum of 55,000 bonus MRs/yr. Really? Can't give me the full referral bonus for the 3rd guy?
  17. Some products the overpaid amount will actually show up as available credit in your online portal (assuming you overpaid beyond any new and/or pending charges). That's what I am referring to as overclocked.
  18. Looks like NFCU is stepping up the rewards on the Flagship. They will now be giving 3 points on travel, and 2 points on everything else. Most notable is that 1 point now equals $0.01 whether redeemed as cash, towards gift cards or towards travel redemptions. Also offering a GE/PreCheck credit once every 48 months. The travel category is fairly expansive: https://www.navyfederal.org/email-marketing/creditcards/35707-flagship-existing.php?cmpid=em|pro|campaign|productgroup|product|creative|08/06/2018|jobnumber||cb1.3
  19. User error. Push a payment from your checking to AMEX and you can overclock most of their accounts.
  20. So you've been hoarding SkyPesos since the Northwest days? You understand that airline miles essentially depreciate right?
  21. Victoria's Secret is good for a CLI every 4-6 months. They've always been soft inquiries for me.
  22. Maybe you should try the ones in East County/Ramona. Or do your own review of KFC, Church's and IHOP fried chicken in El Centro. El Centro is going to habe beautiful sunny weather today. I'm sure you already frequent the Shakeys Lunch Buffet in Chula Vista
  23. Unsecured doesn't mean that the estate isn't responsible. Or as the article points out, the spouse in community property states.
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