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  1. Correct. It also comes with a $75 yearly travel credit and 7500 anniversary miles yearly. With a Companion Pass that's ~$390 in credits/yr.
  2. No, there's no reason to hold both. Get a 2nd Freedom 5% if anything.
  3. I actually misspoke. It's not a "new" positive aged account, it's an "additional" positive aged account.
  4. While everyone is free to offer their opinions on whether you should cosign, in regards to your actual question no that address will not cause a problem for you were it to appear on your credit reports.
  5. I was thinking more along the line that the Marvel MC considers a bookstore as an entertainment category. If anything that coded as an entertainment category sold Visa or MasterCard gift cards......
  6. I need to call CapOne and see what the MCC list includes for entertainment. 4% uncapped is intriguing.
  7. Unless the OP isn't seeing any value for the $195AF. I'd get rid of my PRG today except it reports as 25 years old and I'm a credit enthusiast. 3 MRs on airlines is bested by my CSRsv on ALL travel categories including OTA's, 2 MR's on groceries and gas is bested in a multitude of ways. And unless you put decent spend into that card, you're never going to amass a meaningful amount of MR's.
  8. You should be asking Disco for a CLI via the online portal every 2-3 weeks. You can log in to CapOne and request a CLI. They might tell you to kick rocks since they just gave you an auto CLI but who cares? If they do, set a date in your calendar for 6 months out and try again. Barclays just gave you a CLI so don't waste your time with those clowns. AMEX set a date on your calendar 6 months out. If you use the Chase Amazon frequently, pay the balance to $0 and let the card sit 4 or 5 days. Chase re-reports to the bureaus if you pay the card to $0, so you want that report to go through and give you the best possible score. Then call Chase and request a CLI. It will be a hard INQ but it doesn't matter. If they ask you the amount you want, tell them $10K. They'll counter if you don't qualify for the full amount.
  9. Always pay by APR. If you have a 0% offer expiring within days that will switch to 25%, definitely throw all funds towards it. If you're fortunate C1 will offer you another BT promo on that card once it's paid off, in which case you should max it out on a BT from NFCU.
  10. People with existing Savor cards are stoked. They are going to get the upgraded rewards and a grandfatherd in no AF.
  11. WTF does a brawl between a Caucasian male and a Hispanic male in Texas have to do with terrorists? Also, that prized son was guilty of indecent exposure to a minor, urinating in public, intoxicated in public, assault and battery.
  12. Next thing I know you'll be talking about kosher indiana pork tenderloin sandwiches.
  13. That "baddie" was obviously one of your oldest reporting items in your credit history. It could also be that you were moved to a different FICO scoring segment tree since you have no open collections.
  14. So you like roast beef sandwiches with sweet peppers.
  15. Why close it? It's a new positive aged post-BK account. That's a good thing.
  16. If you are carrying balances of any type then yes closing the two store cards will hurt you. You're better to leave them open and have them continue aging. Had you used the cards in a while before the last purchase? Did you log in to your accounts and try to raise the limits?
  17. Wells Fargo personal cards have the mobile phone insurance. They have a couple with no annual fees. The Uber card has it. It has no annual fee. I'd imagine there are others.
  18. 1. Who cares about a family mutiny? If anything, you're teaching them a valuable lesson on finances AND what's really important. 2. Many CCs offer mobile phone insurance if you pay the bill with that CC.
  19. Try PCing the Marriott card to something different. One of the Freedom products. They probably won't let you, but it's worth a phone call (or two).
  20. You could always take a small amount of solace in the fact that you don't live in Portland.
  21. Some interesting tidbits in the news articles about the contract change. First Barron's is reporting that "Synchrony expects to convert some of the existing Walmart private-label cards to general-purpose cards." https://www.barrons.com/articles/where-synchrony-financial-goes-after-walmart-1533337840?mod=yahoobarrons&ru=yahoo&yptr=yahoo I would assume they are referring to the co-branded MC as opposed to the store cards which are obviously subprime. I wouldn't be surprised to see these Walmart MC's changed over to a 2% card or something since SYF has been trying in recent years to reach more prime consumers (Marvel, Cathay Pacific). Next, I also read that Goldman Sachs was in discussions for the Walmart portfolio. Apparently they are considering entering the CC business.
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