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  1. In Dec 2012 I got BofA to give me a secure card with 3K limit. CR's were horrible, but I had all my taxes paid up so I finally left a little money (appx 26K) in my BofA checking account since I wasn't worried about it getting seized. Paid it on time every month, don't keep much of a revolving balance. Just started cleaning up my reports but said what the heck and called BofA. Told them I wanted my card changed from Secured to Unsecured, and wanted my limit raised to 6K. Wasn't worried about the INQ's even if I was denied since I don't have more than 1 per report, not in the market for a mortgage or a car anytime soon. They pulled my TU (650 on CCT)...and weren't to thrilled with a Cap1 CO and some tax liens. I called back to their Credit Assesment department and got a nice man Mr Simmons on the line. He asked me questions about what exactly happened in an 18 month period from mid-Nov 2007 to late Dec 2008. I went over it with him, and explained to him that most of the baddies had been deleted of my EX already. Explained to him that I don't need the CLI, but I want it to lower my utilization and raise my scores etc etc. Explained I had a BofA checking account for 14 years, and even during the bad time I never NSF'd or overdrew my account. Explained to him that all the tax liens were paid regardless of what they currently show, and if they weren't I wouldn't keep monies in my checking account where they were fair game for the State of CA. He asked if I would accept another hard pull, this time on EX since it is prettier. FYI, my last EX (CCT) was 642. This was when the Cap1 CO and an old $81 baddie still showed. I have not received the score update since then, so Im not sure exactly what difference it had. I know it sure looked better during a manual review though. 20 minutes later he called me back. My security deposit would be returned in 10 days, my new unsecured cash rewards card would arrive in 2-3 weeks, and my new CL was 6k...everything I asked for. My positive history for the last two years will transfer over to the new acct # also. 3K back in the bank, an unsecured card, 2x's the limit. I know the cash rewards aren't huge, but its no annual fee and the $100/year I estimate in grocery refunds at 2% pays for a nice dinner and bottle of wine for me and the wife. Fairly satisfied with my results after 1 week of cleaning up my messes. I read various things about BofA on these boards. I cannot speak for every employee of BofA, but Mr Simmons was extremely polite, took the time to listen and ask questions, acted like he actually cared. And at the end of the day, BofA took care of me. Even if BofA told me to kick rocks, I would still be appreciative of Mr Simmons attitude and customer service. Thanks Mr Simmons!
  2. I had to turn on a new Southern California Edison account today. I was told they had to do a soft pull. Then I was told based on the results, I would have to pay a 210 dollar deposit. I asked what CRA they used to get this information/outcome. Response was "We don't use one of the big three, its a utilities service". I have not been late on a utility payment for 7 years, and have nothing adverse from a utility company on any of my "standard" CRA files. Being that I had to pay a deposit because of adverse information in some database, shouldn't I have a right to know what/who this database is, check its contents, and dispute/erase just like the big three CRA's?
  3. Ill save the dramatic story...everyone has one. As of several days ago, CreditCheckTotal showed my three score to be between 638 and 650. First I disputed whatever names, addresses, telephone numbers etc I could do online with TU and EX. With EX, I also disputed a CO from Capital One of 4700 that was due to fall off Nov 2014 and a CA Medical of 110 due to fall off Jan 2015. The CO was immediately deleted, investigation pending on CA. Today I mailed off 5 letters. One to each CRA disputing the rest of names, addresses, phone numbers and employers. One to TU disputing the CO and CA. One to EQ disputing the CO (CA doesn't show up there). I sent 5 letters so I could compartmentalize the letters for personal information vs. adverse information...just to keep things organized for myself. Next, I will be writing a goodwill letter to Central Mrg asking them to change my payment status. I had several 120 days, although the final 9 months were all paid on time before I sold the property. I never asked for an adjustment, never asked them to forgive payments, just paid them when I could as fast as I could. Hopefully they appreciate/respect and help me out. Question #1- Does anyone have a sample goodwill letter they sent a mortgage company (or anyone else) AFTER the account was already closed? Any opinions or experience? I have two CC's reporting as paid on time etc...but both are now closed. One is a Capital One, one is Exxon/Mobile. The Exxon/Mobile shows up as still being paid currently even though its been closed for years on one or two of the reports. Both these accounts show PAID AS AGREED, PAID IN FULL, ZERO BALANCE, CLOSED BY GRANTOR in the comments. Question #2- Should I dispute these comments with the CRA's, asking that these comments be changed to PAID AS AGREED, PAID IN FULL, ZERO BALANCE, CLOSED AT REQUEST OF CONSUMER? If they change them, it should look better. But the CRA might just delete that accounts altogether, which could possibly hurt my scores? Any opinions or experience? These are the easy things, next are all the paid and/or released tax liens from the State of California (Franchise Tax Board AND Board of Equalization). And an unpaid civil judgment from DCFS USA for 6,800 that will be hanging out another couple of years. I need to learn more before I mess with them...although I feel I have some ideas being that my original debt was with Mercedes Financial, then I received a judgment from DCFS, who then changed several times into Chrysler. Maybe things got lost in the constant shuffle? Any info or experience on these would be welcome as well.
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