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  1. It doesn't but it should. Those who have a greater trust put in them by the law and the public should be held to a different standard when they abuse that trust. Obviously just my opinion.
  2. Doctors also shouldn't be allowed to invoke the 5th.
  3. Some people don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Although I preferred to deal with them with an M16A4 as opposed to a rear naked choke. Others like you are blind to the realities of the the US and the World. Viewing predators as victims.
  4. Your husband needs to add at least one more credit card. Or three. FICO gives you a score boost for three revolvers and five revolvers. He also is being penalized for having balances report on both cards. In the FICO algorithm, he has balances on 100% of his credit cards which he gets penalized for. Both you and your husband should be logging in to Discover every 15 days and requesting CLIs under the MANAGE tab. Send NFCU a letter or call if it floats your boat. Otherwise request a CLI after 3 statements cut.
  5. So there's a Portillo's in Orange County, California. I had to go some some crappy city to see a client today and realized I was close to another crappy city Buena Park where the Portillo's is located. Remembering this thread and Portillo's I went and got an Italian Beef sandwich. Gravy is standard - Dry, Extra or Dunked. Peppers - Sweet or Hot - are extras. Granted I'm in California and I cannot recall if peppers were extra in Chicago. BUT, thw sandwich was pretty good for $5.75 and they had really cold beer served in an icy chalice so thank you Indy for the post.
  6. The family raised the piece of trash that beat and choked his girlfriend a month prior, threatened to shoot a diner earlier in his last minutes on earth, exposed himself to minors and then committed an assault that led to his death. The mother and father should actually be on trial for his death.
  7. Your payment probably arrived and/or was credited after the new statement was already generated. Regardless, the balance reporting and the balance transfer are completely unrelated unless you were applying for a new CC for the balance transfer.
  8. What's that saying about "Birds of a feather...."?
  9. Wish I owned SodaStream shares. Getting bought at a 34% premium would be sweet.
  10. Yes, two different things though. I agree that our sterile, antiseptic world has lessened our exposure to things. There's millions of strains of benign bacteria. 1000's of strains of beneficial and/or symbiotic bacteria. Then there's the 100 or so pathogenic bacteria. Exposure to gonorrhea, chlamydia, anthrax, listeria, the plague, salmonella, shigella, tetanus, botulism, cholera, tuberculosis didn't work out so well for people 200 years ago before our aseptic environment. And they don't work out so well for people today without intervention.
  11. Ms Philippines was once a housekeeper...
  12. One day that scumbag organization is going to have to change its name. The owner admittedly stole the name from the US Army Parachute Team. Used the same colors and used the same theme for the logo. Piece of garbage.
  13. For the Visa and Mastercards, just put one in your wallet. Next time you have a bill for a coffee or a donut or a beer or whatever use it. Go home that night and push whatever the charge was from your checking to that card. That way the card is paid in full and never reports a balance. Another way is to use it for a couple dollar reload to an Amazon gift card. Whatever floats your boat. Then go to your phone or computer calendar and set a reminder 5 months out for Crappy Visa #1 or Worthless Mastercard #2. Besides the reasons I listed for leaving cards open, I also have a purely speculative reason. #1 VantageScore gives increased weight to AAOOA over FICO (FICO seems to place extremely little weight to AAOOA). #2 While VantageScore is basically irrelevant now, that's not to say it's not going to have relevance in a couple years. #3 We also don't know how the proprietary internal scoring algorithms of various lenders view AAOOA. #1 is a fact. #2 is presumptuous but there are already moves in Congress to explore new scoring models. #3 I obviously can't prove but it would be prudent to assume since a well known score model places weight in AAOOA that others could as well.
  14. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-27/synchrony-s-walmart-loss-puts-sam-s-club-deal-renewal-in-focus "Synchrony executives said on Thursday they have two options for the Walmart portfolio: sell the $10 billion in balances or retain it and convert qualifying customers to general-purpose credit cards. They said both are accretive to earnings relative to renewing the contract with Walmart." "Synchrony said selling the portfolio would free up $2.5 billion of capital, which it would use to either repurchase shares or reinvest in its business."
  15. Closed for non-use by lender is meaningless. If there's no-AF, let them ride as long as possible. If any are Visa/MC, as was previously stated by a beer or a glass of wine on them once every 6 months so they can age for eternity. If they are store cards, let them ride until issuers shut them down (which could be a very very long time). Just pads your AAOA and any utilization.
  16. I hope people like this do get put on TSA/USCIS no-travel lists. Shouldn't be allowed on Amtrack or Greyhound either.
  17. But they're still just bunches twined together, not heads. Bunches that are handled by people who didn't wash after they took a dump, shipped in plastic bins that don't get cleaned, put onto shelves that are never sterilized and sprayed with water ever 20 minutes. They sit on the same shelves and the same trucks that the cilantro contaminated with salmonella and listeria ships on.
  18. Works great for lettuce. Not for spinach, kale and swiss chard.
  19. Wifey found garbage inside a bag of TRIPLE WASHED Organic Power Greens Spinach/Swiss Chard/Kale mix from Costco. Papers mixed in. Was it a list or something from the processing plant? Something someone wiped their @ss with? I always put prewashed greens through the salad spinner anyways. Could have still been missed though and gone raw into the juicer. I'm going to say it for Sidewinder first. GROSS. SO don't just wash your greens, make sure to look through them as well.
  20. I've been using my Bradley Digital Electric Smoker® every weekend. Some of the stuff has been outstanding. Yesterday I brined split bone-in chicken breasts for an hour, rinsed, dried, applied a dry rub I made, let come to room temperature. Smoked with apple wood to 162°. Tented with foil and let rest for 20 minutes. They were as good as any smoked chicken I've ever had. So far I've done: coffee brined tri tip, spare ribs, baby back ribs, pork chops, rib eyes, mini meat loaf rolls, corn on the cob, meatballs (and the chicken). Next time I do chicken I'm going to do like 3 times more. Shred half the leftovers, cube the other half, vacuum seal and freeze. The tri tip and the meatloaf made for great leftovers as well.
  21. There's a famous sandwich in Porto which is great. Bunch of meat and an alcoholic sauce that's the secret of every place. Can't remember the name.
  22. My always was in response to "Has anyone else had this experience with AMEX?" I try not to even mention years old historical stuff so as not to confuse people.
  23. LOL. AMEX AU's always report as a new account.
  24. You can't have a payment due without a statement closing. You only have the 3% for 12 months. Max it out. Stay away from Simon.
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