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  1. Why not just make it easy an go for one of those Chicago Italian beef sammies?
  2. Actually you're totally wrong. The quirk with installment loan pay downs is that they have a larger effect on prime files as opposed to mid or subprime files. You should read up on the Alliant hack thread here, or the Installment loan hack thread (maybe threads) at MyFico. People with Prime files in the 780+ range routinely see increases of 30 points when placing an installment loan with a 9% remaining balance on a file that didn't have any active installment loans.
  3. Installment loans pretty much have nothing to do with time and are all about percentage of balance remaining vs initial balance.
  4. Ducks Unlimited FNBO is a 5% gas card with no AF. I cannot tell you anything about their underwriting requirements though.
  5. The limits have shifted over time. KayveBear has a $50K Walmart. I haven't seen anyone else over $35K. I was once granted a CLI to $45K on Lowes by a Synchrony Sr UW via phone and Synchrony called me back minutes later and told me haha just kidding we can't give you that amount. Even the $35K limits don't seem like people are getting them as often now.
  6. 825 vs 835? Nothing. But in the 600 to low 700 range 10 points could be the difference between approvals and denials, different APRs or lease rates for vehicles, etc.
  7. I have a big Walmart MC. I'm interested to see if it gets transferred or PCd.
  8. Discover. One of the Chase Freedoms. Maybe the Ducks Unlimited FNBO card that has no AF and gives 5% cash back on gas. Not sure how they are with income and such. The Citi Double Cash. Again, Citi might be tightwads.
  9. Nice! I got a similiar email as well. Unfortunately (well not really because I don't need it) mine came with a 3% upfront fee. The 0 fee 0% offers are sweet. And then obviously 0 fee 2.9% offers. Frontloading the fee like I got is the least desirable.
  10. California has a similiar law that took effect in 2016. And of course soon there will be vaccines against gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia that will be given to kids manditorily by law by the time they're age 3.
  11. Definitely is a creditworthiness issue. Navy and PenFed (and DCU) throw out offers every January like clockwork to all but the biggest deadbeats.
  12. NFCU is going to hard pull for any credit products. PenFed has quirks. They will hard pull for any credit products (AND checking accounts I believe). Quirk #1 - PenFed will use a single hard pull for 60-90 days. So if you just joined, I would suggest you open a checking account and a credit product now if limiting your pulls is one of your goals. Quirk #2 - After you've been with PenFed for a while, they will send quarterly pre-approved offers. New credit products, CLIs, car loans etc.
  13. The lack of an installment account is actually most pronounced on prime credit files, and even then only for 20-30 points if optimized perfectly.
  14. Starting 5 SEP 18, NFCU Flagship earns 3% on travel and entertainment. Getaways airline and train tickets hotel stays car rentals travel agencies cruises campgrounds and RV parks timeshares tourist attractions boat rentals airports motor home rentals Commutes ride-sharing services bridges, tolls and ferries parking bus lines limos and taxis commuter transport Entertainment public golf courses aquariums amusement parks It will also give up to a $100 statement credit towards GE/PreCheck applications.
  15. Did they give you any information on a new rewards structure for that Mastercard?
  16. So looks like people aren't gloving it up again. California had a large increase in still births last year due to syphilis. STDs are becoming more and more antibiotic resistant. I predict another massive wave of HIV infections from the combo of lack of safe sex and our current opioid epidemic (junkies are going to share needles if they can't find a clean one). https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stds-on-the-rise-cdc-gonorrhea-syphilis-chlamydia-sexually-transmitted-diseases-record-levels/
  17. Shot down on 26 OCT 67. Broken leg, one arm fractured in 3 places, other arm fractured. Shoulder smashed with a rifle butt and also bayoneted in the foot. Released from captivity 15 MAR 73. I've been involved in crap most can't imagine yet I myself can't even begin to fathom what he went through. Everyone can have opinions on his politics and his involvement with the S&L fiasco, but one indisputable fact is he was one tough mother fukker. Godspeed CAPT McCain
  18. "It never occurred to me to ask the lender what credit bureaus do you post to?" I wouldn't bother considering irrelevant things either.
  19. Hopefully you give them the cash to properly tip the servers as well.
  20. The Army is run by Congress. All I need to say without bringing politics into the conversation and pi$$ing off the mods. Your opinion of what is disrespectful to Veterans and Active Duty personnel means nothing unless you fall into one of those categories. Which I doubt.
  21. For starters it's trademark infringement. But mostly because it's disrespectful.
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