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  1. Worked at a major pharmacy chain for me. Didn't work at a major grocery chain. Didn't work at most small restaurants.
  2. Discover used to offer a business CC, and like CapOne it reported to your personal reports monthly. I don't see this addressed in the press release or on the landing page. Without knowing this, the card is useless.
  3. I never said they no longer allow for combining credit limits. I said they have changed from a couple years ago. They are pickier with approvals, they are stingier with credit limits, they theft one product to open another product, they are stingy with CLI's. A couple years ago Barclays would just hand out CLI's like candy. You could even just ask an Account Specialist if you were eligible for one without an INQ. I don't see people talking about that nowadays. The best way to get CLI's with Chase used to be to open new accounts and combine as well.
  4. Actually judges do not go by strict interpretation of the agreement. Chase, AMEX and many others have been forced to cough up money for rewards when they have closed CC accounts even though they place into the agreements that rewards have no cash value. Chase even gives you 30 days to transfer out UR's after they shut you down now because they've been sued by MSers so many times. For Ethiad, I would place a cash value of $0.02/mile. There is nothing subjective about it. That is the price they sell them for on their website. https://storefront.points.com/etihad-guest/en-US/buy "Miles may be purchased for $0.02 USD per mile." Pretty difficult to argue to a justice that miles have no value when they can be freely purchased on the website for this specific value. Generally these companies will contact you prior to the hearing. Ask them for the $0.02/mile in a cashiers check, or offer to accept reinstatement of the miles plus 50% for your hassles. They might be more inclined to go that route since it's easier for them and no true cash outlay.
  5. Also, while the SR UW is unique to this card (maybe to the Marvel also not sure) the customer service and fraud departments are all standard Sync meaning the suck in a massive way.
  6. I called recently for a CLI on my Cathay Pacific card. Several tidbits to share with the class. 1. There is a different Sr UW department for the CX card as opposed to Walmart, Lowes etc. 2. This CX Sr UW dept is US based. 3. I believe they have a min opening time before being eligible for a CLI. This is where the cryptic comes in. After being put on hold, the guy came back and gave me the "After reviewing your credit report...." denial spiel. He told me I would be getting a letter in the mail with the reasons for the denial. But then he asks me how long the account has been open. He knows and I know that it's 3 months. Then he asks me to remember how long the account has been open when I receive the letter and to keep that in mind. Basically he was telling me the account is too new to be eligible for a CLI, but for some reason he could't just come out and tell me that. Must be a Sync policy, since I've had other issuers tell me new accounts aren't eligible for CLI's until 6 months or 12 months. Really, it doesn't matter because the card is a turd and I just hit the spend need to max out the SUB. The card will never be used moving forward except for spend promos. A friend has the card and says during Christmas/holiday season they offer spend promos. I'll see if that's the case and then weigh keeping it open after year 1 if the promos make the AF palatable. Otherwise it's a pump and dump.
  7. Just app the CSR. You might want to look at an AMEX business card as well for camera equipment. The upper tier cards offer great extended warranty/product protection
  8. $5K/mo to live at an apartment in Centerpoint? She really is an salamander.
  9. You paid a 3% upfront fee on the entire balance. You've already paid back 20%. So the actual APR on that money is like 5% (I'm tired and don't feel like doing the actual math). But my point is they still made money off your balance transfer, and they hope you won't pay it off in time and they can make another month or 30 months of interest off you upon the promo expiration. If I get a 2.2% cashback card I pay it off every month and they lose money. Did you even meet the min spend for the SUB?
  10. Barclays is different now than say 3-5 years ago.
  11. You don't like coffee or you don't like to wipe your a$$?
  12. Barclays wants revolvers not transactors. Revolvers have the ability to be profitable to them. Transactors put them at a loss on a 2% card.
  13. Leave the BCP alone until the AF hits. Then you can PC and reallocate limits. I'm not sure how a PC effects the reallocation of limits guidelines actually.
  14. Why does everyone get so tied up in credit scores and ignore basic math?
  15. All of those are freeze dried and take water/heat to reconstitute. MREs are MEALS READY TO EAT. They don't require water. They taste better heated but not a requirement. Dehydrated rations are fine for longer terms. But for immediacy if a storm is perched over your head for a couple days, or you need to evacuate, MREs are the go to. No need to reinvent what the US Armed Forces have already figured out with retort packaging. You can even buy Kosher MREs.
  16. That's exactly it. Food, water, ammunition, empty sandbags should already (and always) be amassed. Now is the time to fill sandbags, tape/plastic windows, swap batteries in optics and put a new coat of CLP (or Mobil 1) on a rifle.
  17. How hard is it for people to just order a case or two of new production MREs off the internet and have them sit around for a couple of years? Don't require water for prep, can be eaten cold right out of the package, come with coffee and drink mixes and even toilet paper with every meal. All in a sealed waterproof package. Good for a couple years if stored in hot weather. Good for longer if kept somewhere climate controlled.
  18. Sometimes I wish the SoCal beaches had warmer water. Then I see hurricanes/typhoons, humidity and bugs. The cooler water is just fine.
  19. No need to kill the oldest open tradeline if it has no AF.
  20. The only items to dispute or cleanup online or via phone is deleting name variations, old addresses, old employers. And when going for early deletion of negative tradelines (like how TU will delete negative entries at 6.5 yrs vs 7).
  21. Then its +$585-$600 year 1 (depending upon GE or Precheck redemption), not including the increased rewards earning.
  22. Why would anyone apply for a 1.5% card when the Flagship has a $500 SUB, is a 2%/3% cashback card and has a GE/PreCheck credit. In a year the OP could product change to whatever card and be up $541 plus the increased earned rewards. Which gets to my second point that not all NFCU cards have no AF.
  23. That would get into a deeper question of "Is Chicago First World?"
  24. All the bands who's videos were on MTV when I came home from school. Don't forget Cinderella and Ratt. I actually really liked the earlier Motley Crue albums. But once songs like Smokin in the Boys Room came out they were spent.
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