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  1. Why bother calling? Just get a statement credit or have them send you a check and be done with it.
  2. MRE's are fine over a few days. It's when you get them nonstop for a month that there's a problem. And they're hard to eat on the go. And come on... Jalapeño cheese spread, peanut butter, jelly, pound cake, brownies, chocolate dairy drink, tootsie rolls. All sorts of little treats. First Strike rations are probably better, especially to eat on the move since thats what they were designed for. But they aren't nearly as shelf stable.
  3. US Skank sucks. This is merely further proof.
  4. Nothing to lose, everything to gain
  5. Here's a Disco datapoint. 24 year old who works for me had never had a credit card or had any credit. Used her debit card for everything. I had her apply for Disco and inbranch @ Chase for a Freedom. Both approved for $1K limits. This was around 1 JUL. Disco yesterday gave her a $500 CLI through the luv button. It has to be less than 90 days from her approval.
  6. And see that is how myths get perpetuated. 5'7" was above average height for males in France in 1800 which is when he ruled. Obviously modern day heights in France are irrelevant to the time period he lived/ruled in. In 1800, the tallest race on Earth was the Cheyenne Plains Native Americans. And they averaged like 5'9".
  7. Kongrats on the approvals. Why do you not consider CapOne a bank card?
  8. Check Free Pay by FISERV. https://www.americanbanker.com/news/bank-of-america-re-ups-with-fiserv
  9. The CSR, Freedom 5 and Freedom Unlimited for the time being is a tough combo to be beat. With a CSR, UR points are basically worth at a minimum $0.015/each. For now you can combine all URs to one account. Eventually there's talk that the Freedoms will become true cash back turds.
  10. Why not CFP which is how most bill pays are processed?
  11. Before I was married I always washed my own sheets. At least weekly. And I made my own bed. First thing in the morning before did anything else (as everyone should do unless someone is still in it). Some of those things now fall to the stay at home Mom. And now my kid is in school from 0800 to 1455. So my sympathy meter therefore reads zero in that regard. In fact, I'd gladly do a couple more hours of chores weekly and have the wife get a job and add a second income to the household. 😂 Doing laundry amounts to putting the clothes in the washer. Adding some soap and vinegar. Pushing a button. And then swapping from the washer to the drier and pushing another button. Unloading the drier and cleaning the lint trap. I'll gladly help fold the laundry if I am present - and really that's the only part of doing laundry that takes any time or effort.
  12. That is quite the bizarre targeted offer. I'd guess next we'll (well not we'll since I don't have a GAP family CC product) see some random Sync co-brand cards offering spend bonuses at Costco or other warehouse clubs. Kind of a middle finger to Walmart. Makes you wonder if Sync already knows it has lost the Sams Club contract? I expect AMEX to make a big push for the small business card.
  13. The Cash Magnet is a 1.5% turd. You should apply for cards that match your spending patterns and/or fill gaps in your rewards strategy. I also hope you did the math on the CSP vs the CSR, and included any residual accrued rewards from the Freedom in that analysis.
  14. Cash Value is a legal and financial term, it doesn't mean that something necessarily has to be convertible into cash. The paint on your wall has an Actual Cash Value, which is the Replaceable Cash Value minus depreciation. So does the roof on your house. As you know, if you scrape the paint off your walls it cannot actually be converted into cash. The Actual Cash Value of an Ethiad mile to me would be the Replaceable Cash Value, which I can document to a Court as $0.02/mile. Where is screwed is, "Unused Etihad Guest Miles will expire on the last date of the month in which they are due to expire, at 23:30 (GST time)." That is probably more damning than the Law and Jurisdiction clause of the contract since Liz is a NY resident and Etihad Airways has registered with the State of NY. Current Entity Name: ETIHAD AIRWAYS DOS ID #: 3342680 Initial DOS Filing Date: MARCH 31, 2006 County: QUEENS Jurisdiction: ALL OTHERS Entity Type: FOREIGN BUSINESS CORPORATION Current Entity Status: ACTIVE Selected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity) C/O CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY 80 STATE STREET ALBANY, NEW YORK, 12207-2543 Chief Executive Officer MICHAEL STONER 600 FIFTH AVENUE, 20TH FLOOR ROCKEFELLER CENTER NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10020 Principal Executive Office ETIHAD AIRWAYS 600 FIFTH AVENUE, 20TH FLOOR ROCKEFELLER CENTER NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10020 Registered Agent CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY 80 STATE STREET ALBANY, NEW YORK, 12207-2543
  15. If my wife ever let the sheets go 10 days, 14 days etc we'd have a serious problem.
  16. According to the data provided, 50% of people.
  17. You aren't going to find gluten free MREs. People like you have to starve or carry canned tuna fish.
  18. Dont dispute stuff. Dont try to buy a house etc
  19. Agree with Shifter. If you have stuff you can get sued over in meaningful amounts, best to appear insolvent for another 6 months.
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