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  1. 50K is all over the place. Affiliate links etc
  3. I used Discover Deals on a new Discover account recently to purchase an iphone from Apple.com. It was a total of 6% on the front end and 6% on the back end. On a $1450 purchase. I've also cleaned house on some SamsClub.com orders in the last few months. Same effective 12%. Groupon purchases. Etc. Bummer.
  4. LOL. Back when I had a job I had a loose $70 meal allowance for sales trips. One guy would have these huge spreadsheets for his food expense reports. Coffee, doughnuts, slurpees or Super Extra big gulps, chips, sandwiches, dinner at some crappy Chinese buffet etc. I'm not a big breakfast guy, so I'd pay for my own coffee and maybe a sandwich and water later, and then spend the company's $70 on dinner/wine/drinks. It frosted this guy's nuts that I had $70 dinners, even though we spent appx the same amount of the company's money towards meals each day. He actually complained about it.
  5. That's why smart people like you and I visit Maine and most of Europe in the Summer, and then ride out the grueling SoCal winters at the beach Although one of my friends swears up and down I need to take the wife and kid to Tallinn, Estonia for Xmas...she says it's like a fairy tale.
  6. I don't think so. Bangor, ME - 44.808147 Rome, IT - 41.902782 Even Boston is further North - 42.361145
  7. HELOC. Low APR, and since you're using the funds for home improvement the interest is legitimately tax deductible.
  8. I have a D* Gold card I'm going to PC. And a vanilla Plat. That will give me 4 PRGs in the family.
  9. Since this thread has turned location based... Maine is the closest state to Africa.
  10. Then she likens the subcontractors to rapists and pedophiles.
  11. Search threads on $2 trick. It will answer your questions. In short, having a small balance report on a single card will give you a score boost over $0 reporting on all cards. In your case, the score bump probably would have been larger if 1% reported vs 40% vs 0%.
  12. It's US Bank's survey, not Steelers1's survey. If 5% of the population is LGBT and only 2% of their survey respondents are LGBT, then they'll understand that through their marketing and/or operations they are somehow marginalizing that socioeconomic group. Your local community college probably has a basic marketing or business course you can take.
  13. It's a survey. Who gives a damn? If you don't want to fill it out, then don't. If you don't want to answer the question, then don't. I'm not sure why anyone would find it offensive.
  14. The frontline CSR isn't going to have an answer. The supervisor might not have a an answer. It's either a Bluetooth call on a long drive or just request the check. If it was Discover or Barclays I'd call and demand extra miles for the inconvenience. Citi would tell you to kick rocks though so I wouldn't bother calling.
  15. AMEX is just capping the ability to MS on the card. A free steak sandwich at Ruths Chris every month is nice. CV will appreciate the Cheesecake Factory I'm sure.
  16. I found out about a new mortgage finance program for self employed individuals lately that relies on bank statements as the basis for repayment consideration. 1 year needed of personal, or 2 years if supplying biz. I personally think it's great. Allows me to max out tax advantages on S Corp/C Corp for depreciating tooling/machinery, writing off stale inventory, etc etc
  17. Leasing is for people who can write it off, or who get (and can afford) new cars every 36 months since you save on the sales taxes etc. Leasing is not for old people that just filed BK and don't drive a lot. And leasing used vehicles is not for anyone with a financial IQ. Thay need to buy something cheap and reliable.
  18. Interested to see if those approvals hold out 90 days for you guys. I hope they do, but I'm leary of it.
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