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  1. The breakfast cereal is crazy. Imagine your kid dieing from a bowl of cereal.
  2. I use my debit card often for small purchases these days... I just hate having to remember to pay the credit card bills every week/month... so unless it's a "category" where I am going to get 4-5% - or a gas pump - I no longer use them when I am buying $10 worth of stuff at Dollar Tree. I am not giving up that much since my ancillary spending outside of house payment/car is minimal. Some people just don't do "wild" spending or business spending. All the time you've spent here and haven't realized the protections offered by using your CC in the wild vs your debit card that's linked to your checking account.
  3. That is standard 10-Q/10-K language for all public companies that must be published under Risk Factors.
  4. Ive seen him live a couple times. The first was at Cal State Fullerton when I was in high school. Someone came on stage and tried to grab his mike and he clocked them with his mike. The second was at Universal Amphitheater in LA. Cypress Hill/Rollins Band/Beastie Boys. Cypress Hill was nobodies then, but they gave Henry a skateboard. Someone went on stage and tried to take that skateboard, and Rollins punched the guy and knocked him in his a&&. That concert was awesome...hung out with USC quarterback/drug addict Todd Marinovich and Flea from Red Hot Chile Peppers. Marinovich was already a burnout but Flea was cool as can be...in a white leather suit with some hot slut rubbing all over me telling me that water polo guys are so hot.
  5. My limit went from $10K-$1k in the last 2 weeks. JCP may be going the same direction as ToysRUs so the CLD's may be less about using the card than the company's exposure on the way out. The exposure is on the bank, not JCP or ToysRUs.
  6. Notice Burgerwars said "combined two credit card OFFERS into one 50K credit line." PenFed doesn't like to reallocate credit limits nor do they like to product change.
  7. To be helpful (or at least in a manner you would perceive as helpful since you are kind of obstinate)- CapOne doesn't care about you IIBing them. You could get the Savor product that would give you 3% on dining, has a $150 SUB for $500 spend and has no AF.
  8. Is Chase's 5/24 rule not real? You recommended the Chase Freedom upthread. What does 5/24 have to do with INQ's? I'm exhausted and confused, so you win. It would be great, just once, if frequent posters could operate under the assumption that the person behind the other computer screen isn't intellectually challenged. I would promise that it wouldn't hurt your feelings to find out that people who don't post as often may know more than you think but I'm no longer sure that's the case. Please allow me to help the exhausted and confused understand why 5/24 is relevant to adding a chase card to my credit portfolio. I posted this in the OP: 4 of the 7 inquiries I have reporting as of 6/16/18: 1 APPROVED - NFCU Visa. 2.APPROVED - Penfed Visa 3. APPROVED - Penfed Amex 4. APPROVED - USCCU Credit Card- old card closed new rewards card didn't backate no CLI 5.APPROVED - SDFCU visa new card will not backdate. All within 24 months or else the HP inquiries wouldn't be there. (Penfed is one inquiry for both cards) Imagine that someone, let's call them Allkindabroke, knows that they have inuiries related to 5 new credit card accounts. Now let's assume that in 10 years on Creditboards Allkindabroke just may have read about the oft repeated 5/24 rule and put 2 + 2 together that until at least one of these inquires (that stay on for 24 months) for new cards fall off then Chase is a no go. With that information does the link between inquiries and 5/24 make sense or do I need to type it very slowly in a larger font Since you're obviously intellectually challenged, I'll break this down for you. 1. You could have 20 INQs on your reports. 10 could be from car shopping, 5 could be from mortgage shopping, 3 could be from CLI's, 2 could be from new credit card accounts. The only thing relevant to Chase 5/24 would be the 2 new credit card accounts. All of the other INQs and changes COULD be relevant to the underwriting of a new CC, but that wouldn't fall under the 5/24 umbrella. 2. You literally began this thread with this statement - With the exception of getting my foot into the NFCU back door, I have pretty much been gardening for the last few years Few is commonly understood in American English to reference three or four. I'm sure no one who read your post thought you had 5 new accounts within the last 24 months (or four new accounts since it appears you added one subsequently to your original post) when you said beside NFCU you've been gardening a few years. Which also reminds me, NFCU gave you a separate INQ for membership. That wouldn't matter under Chase 5/24 guidelines either.
  9. If you'll give me one more chance I swear that I will never lie to you again because now I see the destructive power of a lie they're stronger than truth I can't believe I ever hurt you I swear I will never to you lie again, please just give me one more chance I will never lie to you again I swear that I will never tell a lie I will never tell a lie no, no
  10. Same boat. But this card isn't the one to make that happen. But the $300. Tempting. Banished to MyFico, You are If it helps, I wouldn't apply if the SUB were under $150. After you apply, please remember to be ecstatic about the 23.2% interest rate. Only then will you recieve my Kongrats.
  11. We keep trying to get the city of Flint to stop drinking out of water bottles, but they keep complaining about things like lead poisoning. Some people will find ANYTHING to complain about.
  12. To the OP, it could be two things: 1. Your credit might not be good 2. You might have applied for those CapOne cards when your credit was poor. In this case, CapOne gave you glass ceiling cards. They are known to do this although they wont acknowledge it. Basically your cards are set in their systems to never be given CLI's or to have low maximum obtainable limits. What is your credit score and what if any negative stuff is on your reports?
  13. Maybe this will help you, it's a guide on How To Read Your Statement from AMEX: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://online.americanexpress.com/myca/shared/summary/lendingoncharge/ccsg/payovertime/pdf/online-statement.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjgxsadqNfbAhWqv1QKHSUlDGkQFjABegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw3q8dgbJMmtV3mrmCprax7d Notice this part: Balance Due- This is the total amount you owe on your Card account at the end of the billing period. It includes your previous balance plus adjustments for account transactions such as payments, credits, new charges, fees and interest charges. If you pay the new balance by the payment due date each month, you will not incur interest charges on charges added to a Pay Over Time balance automatically. We will begin charging interest on Select & Pay Later charges as of the date they are added to a Pay Over Time balance.
  14. Who's fault is it that you didnt pay your credit card bill? My balance was zero. Your charges were $0, then there was a $195 posting under fees and your balance due was $195.
  15. Is Chase's 5/24 rule not real? You recommended the Chase Freedom upthread. What does 5/24 have to do with INQ's?
  16. Raisins are a dried fruit that can be stored in a root cellar for extended periods and offer sweetness to dishes Carrots are a root vegetable that can be stored in a root cellar for extended periods Peas can be grown fast in many months, and they can be dried and stored for extended periods in a root cellar Rice is a dried grain that can be stored for extended periods in a root cellar Let me know when you see a common theme appear...
  17. Mogl and Dosh use the same rewards platform, so they won't let you register the same card for both accounts IME. You're definitely best off to have your main dining card linked to Mogl, an airline rewards dining program, Uber offers etc. It is nice to just see money rolling in even if it's only $3 or $4 bucks. I only registered one random card with Dosh in exchange for a small bonus, then started monitoring for convenient opportunities which never materialized. I have the C$R linked to Mogl. I have a bunch of other cards registered with AAdvantage Dining, Yelp Whatever, etc. I treat the rewards like found money. It's not worth seeking earning opportunities, because I want to eat where I want to eat. The C$R you can also link to Uber and also link to Dining Rewards. Those three run off different engines. Sometimes you can quad-dip. I used to be able to quad dip Darya - 3UR's, plus 10% Uber/VLO, 7% MOGL and 3RR's from Southwest. I also ordered more from Panini Kebob than I probably would otherwise because I could quad dip it. Sadly Darya and Panini dropped the Uber/VLO thing.
  18. Joseph you're an salamander. Please stay out of the adult threads.
  19. Most everything you just listed is within walking distance of a large campus. All the consumables you listed are available from this place called Amazon. Freshman year in a dorm there's no real reason to have a car. In fact, UGA doesn't even guarantee she can park a car anywhere near her dorm - https://tps.uga.edu/parking/ Most large universities have bus or shuttle services for students. There's also this ancient thing called a bicycle. IME it worked better getting to class than a car.
  20. Mogl and Dosh use the same rewards platform, so they won't let you register the same card for both accounts IME. You're definitely best off to have your main dining card linked to Mogl, an airline rewards dining program, Uber offers etc. It is nice to just see money rolling in even if it's only $3 or $4 bucks.
  21. If you have no more derogatory information on your credit reports, you should be able to get cards from anyone with a 694. AMEX Blue Cash family, Chase Freedom family, Citi DC, Discover etc etc etc. Before you apply for any cards, you need to sit down and figure out where you spend your money as it relates to credit cards/debit cards - Amazon, grocery stores, restaurants, gas, travel. Then apply for some cards that the cash back categories match your actual spending patterns. Once you've figured out where you spend your money come back and outline it and people can help you find the appropriate credit products. Don't just randomly apply for cards, apply for ones that meet your needs.
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