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  1. No. I've had to send in ID verification for my IB+ account. It's looking like they aren't going to honor most of the people who had new IB+ accounts.
  2. I've been looking at buying a Bradley Digital Electric Smoker next. h ttps://www.amazon.com/Bradley-4-Rack-Digital-Smoker/dp/B07CB9HW8Y https://youtu.be/-Q7QwaKz5ac
  3. Suspension stiffness is a subjective analysis. Days in the repair shop is an objective analysis. We brought 3 Kias for my business as my business partner is buddies with a Kia dealer owner. 2 Hybrid Optimas. 5yr/50K bumper to bumper, 100K powertrain warranty, 150K on the hybrid battery. They weren't "nice", but they got great mileage and no real problems. 1 Sorrento V6 AWD. Same warranties sans hybrid battery of course. Its OK but definitely cheap. It got good mileage driving to Seattle when I was on the I-5 going 55. Driving around on SoCal freeways at 80 it gets like 13mpg. I actually kept the Sorrento as a 2nd car to "lug around business stuff" but really its the family car that I leave a car seat in, take the family on road trips, take to Costco, take to the beach. I got rid of my M3 and got a Ford Fusion Energi PHEV Titanium or something because i wanted HOV lane access when driving solo. While it's not an M3, it is a surprisingly nice, high-tech car. And when I'm going 50mph in the HOV lane and the other 5 lanes on the 405 are going 20mph I a quite pleased with my decision to forgo another sports car.
  4. What part is more upsetting - That he bought his little girl a new car or that he didn't involve you in the decision?
  5. When I read the Thai authorities were considering "diving" these kids out all I could think of was "WTF are they thinking?" A couple of those kids would have died, they'd stop the process and be right back where they were. They should be able to run an air hose into that space. Maybe a couple CO2 scrubbers. Some fresh water. Some MREs. Keep everyone alive until they can pump out the water or drill them out.
  6. If it's coded to be used on the Discover network, it should work at the majority of retailers in the US. 7 Eleven actually codes as a service station, so there's no surprise it works there. Are the home improvement centers Lowes? Because Sync runs the Lowes CC product.
  7. Doesn't your bread machine have a cake setting?
  8. I was initially vacillating, but the fairly short 10 minute warmup and some of the youtube videos finally hooked me. I love good thin wood fired pizzas and this thing gets to 900 degrees. And it gives me another use for the bread machine.
  9. So has anyone tried the Uuni 3 pellet fired pizza oven? The YouTube videos look pretty slick. I have one on the way with a 15% discount code at William Sonoma, 16 BA Avios/$, 2 MR/$ and the AMEX extended warranty coverage. https://uuni.net/products/uuni-3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_FxiKzMs6Q
  10. My AMEX cards are filled with AMEX OFFERS from Stag Leap and a bunch of other wineries. do they make scotch or vodka? to be honest the saks benefit might get me to look at the saks web site or even slum at the outlet saks I pass on the way to work. might. If nothing else it's free underwear or socks twice a year. I bought an Ermenegildo Zegna shirt at Saks not too long ago. Would have liked another $50 off of it.
  11. No, Mec is talking about Sax. I'm more of a bassoon guy. Here I thought you were the lead flutist this whole time...
  12. My AMEX cards are filled with AMEX OFFERS from Stag Leap and a bunch of other wineries.
  13. There's still a Joe's Crab Shack in Newport. Sitting on prime real estate on PCH and Newport Harbor. There's another crab boil place is see everywhere in Orange County now called Cookin Crab. Don't know if it's local or national and haven't eaten there.
  14. https://www.usa.gov/join-military https://www.navyfederal.org https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/post911_gibill.asp ^^^There's a step by step blueprint to a job, banking services and money for education or job training.
  15. Credit limits are determined by income, debt, FICO scores, temperature, direction of the wind etc. There's no way to list which non-major banks guarantee $10K starting limits. Case in point, the OP can't get over $500 on a Walmart card from the Sync Sr UW's. Standard thinking is $10K on a store card or $30K on the MasterCard is available to anyone that isn't a deadbeat.
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