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  1. Call the credit agencies and have the notations changed to closed by customer
  2. Kansas City means Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant's, Q39, Joes, Danny Edwards. I'd love to get forced on another biz trip to KC.
  3. The 100K offer is 50K MR on $5K, and then 50K MR on the next $20K. Remember the biz Plat pays out 1.5MR/$ on charges over $5K, so big charges is the way to use it. You should end up with 137.5K MR after $25K spend. I think the 100K offer is better since your getting 80K MR on that $20K in spend. If you did the 75K offer you end up with 90K MR. Even if you put the next $15K on a BB+ @ 2MR/$ you'd still only wind up with 120K MR on $25K spend. All these figures assume otherwise uncategorized spend so you're not poaching spend from an Ink or CSRsv or a BGR in a bonus category. There's also a BGR 75K MR for $10K spend offer floating about. And the no-AF BB+ is as good as it getsnearn-wise for sub $5K charges that aren't categorized on some other 3x card. Be aware its benefits are nerfed over the higher end AMEX offerings though.
  4. Except it has nothing to do with McDonald's workers. The oocysts take 1-2 weeks in the environment to mature (that means outside the hosts butt). So it's coming from either lettuce or cilantro that was probably imported from Mexico with the incubation time taking place during transit and warehousing at McD's commissaries. Totally different than say HepA.
  5. While it's meaningful to you that those balances came from higher APR cards, the fact is it's unsecured debt and you're maxed. The lenders I listed are major banks with good biz CC products. AMEX, BofA, Citi (and Chase) all have no AF biz CCs. US Bank, Wells Fargo and loads of others also offer business CCs.
  6. Unless it's a BMW. M Series and M Sport Package cars are the only ones available in certain blues are are coveted. Kind of like Hugger Orange GM/Chevy's.
  7. "Enhanced" interrogation techniques to gain information that can save you and others has a place. If there's no information to be gained, then torture is a waste of time and just pollutes your soul.
  8. Honest question. If you were NFCU and looked at the figures you just supplied, would you give you another high limit unsecured credit instrument? Try AMEX, Barclays, BofA, Citi.
  9. Texas property taxes and assessments are really smart policies. Of course I guess it's non consequential when house prices in TX are like $100-$200/ sq ft vs $1000-$2000/sq ft around me. LOL
  10. "Southwest said the airline would still permit individuals with a peanut allergy to board aircrafts in advance so they may clean seats and trays." That's a pro-tip right there. From now on anytime I fly WN my wife has a peanut allergy. Don't even think I'm joking
  11. The death penalty usually involves victims, except in treason and such. Should make the victims family be the executioners. Would be interesting to see how many of them went through with it. Putting a 1oz shaped charge on the side of the head would be quick, painless, cheap. Kinda messy.
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