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  1. Hello all. It's been a number of years since I've posted, obviously recent credit problems bring me back to this site. I dealt with a change in jobs starting in the summer of 2016, along with a string of bad luck starting in late 2015. Beforehand, my credit was solid, in the upper 600's to low 700's score wise. In July 2016, I signed up for consumer credit counseling for all my creditors. Monthly payments on all accounts totaled just over 400 dollars. Before I was struggling to make 900+ monthly payments. Last summer I had to cancel the credit counseling service because more life changes impacted my ability to even make those payments. The dust has settled and I've received copies of my reports through annualcreditreport.com. Im currently looking at 23 total accounts. 5 of those are collections accounts. The others have been charged off or in the process of being charged off. My biggest creditor is Syncrony Bank, alone I have 5 or 6 different accounts with them. A few big ones are Lowes and Amazon, each with a few thousand dollar balances. I will need to go over my reports thorougly to get exact details, but the total amount owed on all accounts is in the neighborhood of 14K. I feel like I've lost my footing and need to reset my bearings when it comes to credit repair. I am well versed in FCRA and FDCPA laws. What are some options considering consumer credit counseling is not an option anymore (nor would the creditors be interested in another agreement of sorts)? My goal is obviously paying down/off balances owed while repairing/rehabilitating my credit. A few have told me bankruptcy may be my only option. Thank you for any advice.
  2. It definitely reports as secured trade line. That's how mine reports to all 3 bureaus.
  3. 1.) Recently learned in a thread after incorrectly advising someone that fico does in fact count past utilization in scoring. 2.) Ron1's thick credit file picture would scare the pants ON (yes, on, not off) Pamela Anderson. 3.) With so much knowledge being shared by many experts, we could technically form a cult and overthrow the central banking system. The likes of the Rothschilds and all these huge banking conglomerates in the US and Europe can be overthrown just as Andrew Jackson once wanted. Haha just kidding, but serious on how much information I've learned from all the experts here. One final thing, Ron1 you are an inspiration to me. I shall Bow to you! One day I may have 1/4 the accounts you do. You are a clear example of what can be accomplished on this board. Keep up the good work
  4. An update on all my synchrony accounts. Besides Lowe's which is now 10K, and my recent Amazon cli to 3500, no dice on the others. I feel Walmart, PayPal sc, and Chevron are about as tight legged as a virgin on prom night. Sorry for the analogy but that's how I feel! Well, I did hit the Chevron luv and got 100 increase. All accounts are zero balance, and open 4 to 6 months each. I do have a car care one card, but I'm not asking for a cli and getting a HP. Read somewhere that care one products are a hard pull.
  5. Got an email explaining a new program, or the first time I've heard of this, called dollar direct which is one of those mail order merchants. You can buy merchandise using your gas card. Perhaps a ploy to get people to use their card more often? The merchandise doesn't look anything impressive at all.
  6. How long was your smart connect one for when you got the increase?
  7. That's good to know! I learn something new every day. I didn't realize fico scoring was that extensive, but understand its still a working science of figuring it all out. Thank you for the education. I guess tiers go by a certain score threshold, correct?
  8. That's definitely a new one for me. I'm still learning the ins and outs of credit scoring. That basically means someone with high utilization in the past is put in a different lower tier than someone with less utilization in the past, even if they have identical scores?
  9. My understanding is your utilization is factored month to month. If you go from 70 percent to 5 percent, expect a substantial boost. In ccases of manual underwriting, then past utilization matters some, but won't affect your current monthly fico.
  10. If I burned citi on an installment loan for almost 7k in 2009, will this have me on their BL for credit cards?
  11. Makes me wonder what my max exposure would be at. Income 71k and 651 Fico.
  12. I'm working on my signature and I have a pic on photobucket I want to use for my signature. It says the extension is not allowed. It's a png extension. Thanks for help on this.
  13. Holy jumped up bald headed Jesus palomino...Pamela Anderson better be impressed at how thick your file is with 12.20 postage!
  14. Big n thick...heh heh heh heh! I couldn't resist! But seriously, that is a huge creditffile. What is the AAOA in your thick file? Even Pamela Anderson would be impressed with how thick it is!
  15. I don't get them. I've been able to successfully get ten fold cli's on my amazon and Lowe's cards. Lowe's took two months, Amazon four months. I've had PayPal smart connect just as long and was told via automated system "we couldn't process an increase for this account". It has a zero balance for almost a month. Credit limit is 500, I asked for 10k. Chevron was the same. Had both Chevron and PayPal for four months. Both had usage, and both at zero balance for nearly a month. I asked for 1700 on Chevron. What is up with some of their cards being exceedingly difficult to get cli's on? Is this solely income based, usage based, credit score (via SP) based, or time account is open based? Frustrated and banging my head into the wall here. I did hear different verbiage being used. PayPal SC said they couldn't process increase, Chevron said I wasn't eligible for increase at this time. I notice each card has different verbiage for denials. I'd really like my gas card to be at an even 1k or higher, and PayPal to be at least 5 to 10k or more.

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