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  1. Thanks for y'all's advice. I contacted them and asked that it be refinanced for the 44 months. The rep said they could do 48 months at the same rate (13.99%) $418.72. One Correction to my original post, my current rate is 16 % (not 16.99) with Santander. He also said no prepayment penalty. What's the verdict now? Is it not worth it? If I figure right, I won't save more than a $100 overall. Is there any other reason to do it? Would it help my credit score or hurt it? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I was discharged 1/15 out of Chapter 7. I reaffirmed my auto loan with Santander with 16.99%. I owe approx 15,000. Payments are $457 with 44 months remaining. I applied with Lending Tree (Innovative Funding Solutions) and am being offered a refinance with Wells Fargo Dealer Services for 13.99% at $356 for 60 months. I plan to keep paying the $457 if I go with Wells Fargo. Does this sound like a reasonable offer? I joined DCU with the hopes of getting approved for a lower interest rate but just got a denial email. I have to wait for the mail for a reason. If I take this, will I be
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