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  1. Thanks that is good information to have I shouldn't have an issue that getting at least 5.5%, also is it true that you can refinance the first year with minimal cost? I heard this from a CSR on the phone but I wanted to get more of a confirmation..
  2. Thanks for the advise, I leaning towards waiting until next month. I don't have 3.5 of the loan on me at the moment for FHA unless there's a program for down payment assistance., at most I have 1.5 percent saved of the loan for closing cost and other misc cost saved up. The homebuyers program is zero down initially for the loan. If I reapply and shop for other lenders, wouldn't this cause a hit on my score since they need to do a hard pull?
  3. illusemycreditcard, I have a first premier which had a balance of $650 out of $700, a capitol one with $700 out of $900 and I had a discover card with $400 out of $600. Those are now balanced to zero but I still have a Navy Federal card with $6000 out of $25k. I didn't know that you could e-mail the card issuer to have them update with the credit agencies, I will try that.
  4. Hello Forum, I'm in the current process of getting approved for a loan from NFCU, I'm currently looking at 6% APR on the mortgage according to my loan officer for a $320,000 loan and was wondering what you folks thought on that. I just paid off 3 credit cards completely this week due to a loan from my brother but from what I understand this will not show until the following month since credit card companies only report to the credit bureau's once a month. I was considering canceling the loan and waiting until next month to reapply in hopes that my score will jump up 20 points with the paid off cards. My current stats are: EQ: 637 EX: 650 TR: 660 Income is around 160K for both of us combined with debt totaling around $600 monthly (student loans). My wife has a credit range around 700 but I believe they only use the credit of the applicant with the lowest score. Should I accept the 6% or should I wait and re-apply? Are there other banks that offer good loan programs as well?
  5. I would like to thank the members on here especially whychat for the assistance with cleaning my credit. I currently have no negatives on my credit report and my utilization is around 25% on credit cards. I'm married and looking to purchase a house in the $200 - $320 range in the Maryland area and was looking for the advise on what I should expect with me and my wife's FICO's. Currently we both make around $180K and my FICO score is currently around 705 to 710 with all three credit bureaus and my wife's is 690's FICO scores. My wife does have one negative from an old utility bill and a paid school loan debt that's shows as paid. I am thinking about applying with either Navy Federal or USAA for a loan and wanted to know some experiences or advise since this would be my first home, would my wife's credit baddies effect my interest rate? Is it better to use a bank that a realtor recommends for a better deal?
  6. I wanted to pay off a old medical bill from 2009 from a doctors visit I had, when I asked the doctors office about payment options they stated it went to collections years ago. The bill is for around $120 and currently does no show up on my credit report. First question is I wonder why it hasn't shown on my credit report, and if I were to pay it off would it show up as paid even though it wasn't reported?
  7. I got two responses in the mail from Experian and Equifax dated for just under the 30 day mark. One of the three medical accounts were deleted but both reports state the standard message of being able to verify that I own the account. What should my next step be?
  8. I pulled my fico recently and experian had the collection accounts as "dispute in progress", the other two doesn't show a change in status. I did not receive a mail response from the CRA's other than a generic response from experian stating that they received my dispute request and they have 30 days to follow through. I did receive a bill from a hospital with the date of service and bill amount highlighted, which tells me one of the CRA's did send them the dispute request. I don't know how to back door, I'm guessing if I log in online I should see an update. Is that correct?
  9. I sent the letters certified mail on February 2nd and they received it on February 7th according to the tracking information from USPS.
  10. Hey Whychat, I haven't received any mail/responses as of today from the CRA's. I disputed three medical accounts to the CRA's and I only go a letter in the mail from one hospital addressed directly to me.
  11. So to update, I recieved a response from the hospital directly (not the CRA) pointing out the date of service which according to the paper was 02/09 and amount owed. However for the other hospital items that I disputed on my credit report I did not recieve a response from any of the three agencies yet however except for a generic letter from experian about having 30 days to respond. Since the hospital responded but nothing from the CRA, how should I respond to that? Also how should I respond to the agencies that did not respond to me yet since I am nearing the 30 day mark?
  12. Thanks Whychat, the collection agencies are NCO and american collection credit. If it's date of medical service then I know these are from 2007/2008 for sure since that's when I was in the hospital, should I add that these are obsolete to my letter or just send the dispute as is in sample from your page?
  13. Well for Maryland that statue of limitations is 3 years for collections, and these collection accounts I know are from at the latest 2009. My estimate is that "date account opened" section is for the collection agency or the junk debt collector. Does the SOL change for medical collections or is it also the same as non-medical?
  14. I'd like to say again thanks for all the help, I recently deleted all the judgments on my report and now I feel confident in tackling the other collections on my credit report I'm wondering if anybody knows the answer to this or had this problem before, I've read that the time clock for how long a collection stays on your report depends on the date of first delinquency. However, Transunion and Experian only report the date the account opened as 2012. Equifax reports a date of first delinquency correctly as 2008 for two of the collection accounts and 2009 for one account. Since I know these accounts are delinquent, how should I go about deleting these accounts as obsolete even if they aren't reporting the DOFD?
  15. David, I sent a complaint to the CFPB like whychat posted, then sent an additional notice to Experian with a copy of the complaint I sent stating that they did not do a proper investigation. I sent the compliant via certified mail next day last week and I logged in to check my report today and it was removed.
  16. Thanks for the advice, After sending a followup Experian quickly removed the entry!! So no more judements on my report. Now it's time to focus on the old medical bills, they are 6 months away from the 7 year mark so I'm thinking about just disputing those as obsolete.
  17. Hello, After reading the whychat dispute template for judgments I successfully removed a public record that had an incorrect case number on Transunion and Equifax. However, with Experian they sent me a canned response stating the "If you question the results of our dispute process contact the furnisher of information directly or review original information in public record". What should my next step be in getting somebody from Experian to actually read and respond to this dispute.
  18. Thanks, I read the whychat link and I don't see much discrepancy from using MD case search and seeing the tax lien other than the amount being off by 60 cents or not including the cent amount. I'm going to the court anyway to see if I can pick up a certified copy. Would I be able to get the judgment vacated maybe since it's paid off? Or have the CRA remove it since it's been satisfied?
  19. I've began starting the process of cleaning up my credit thanks to reading the information provided by the nice people here on creditboards. I had a county tax lien In 2011 from the county circuit court that I was unaware of at the time. The judgment the county got against me for the amount ($1300) reports on all three credit reports now and is effecting my score. What steps can I take to get it removed since it already has been paid in full (My tax refund was used to pay the amount in full). I live in the state of Maryland if that helps
  20. Yea that's what I was wondering myself about whether the originating state or the current residence effect the SOL. I'm sure others been in a similar experience since people move all the time.
  21. So I have a 3 in 1 report I purchased in May of this year and wanted to work on removing a collections from capital one for $4000 that was reported to collections on 11/2011 according to the report. Since I'm in MD, is there a state of limitations? I was in California when I had the Capitol One account.
  22. I wish! ! I don't unfortunately now..
  23. Hello CB members, I was looking for a new bank to open a checking and savings account with. I already have a Navy Federal so I was looking for a secondary bank to use instead of storing all my funds with one bank.
  24. Sorry my scores with TU is 630 EX 647 and EQ 640, might jump up once the Capitol one, First premier and Suntrust cards report a $0 Balance next month since I just used the loan this week to pay off the balances. The First premier card is 4 years old, my capitol one cards are 3 years old, with Navy federal and Suntrust being 2 years old. I only have one collection from a medical bill and one from a old student loan on my credit reports right now. I don't have any other cards but I do have a jewelry store account (Jared) that has a balance due of 600/700 total credit limit to
  25. My cards are: Two Capitol ones for $800 First Premier for $2000 Navy Federal for $1200 Suntrust $900 I used the personal loan to get the capitol one, First premier and BOA card to a $0 balance, I just owe 50% utilization on the Navy Federal card now.

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