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  1. I just wanted to post a follow up to this largely because of how great Why Chats website and advice have been. I ended up speaking to Equifax on the phone. They told me that they did not have a copy of the follow up dispute letter on file, despite me having a certified mail receipt. They said they had received the envelope but did not have a copy of the letter. I then resent it and as of today it is gone from my report. Thank you again for all the help.
  2. Yes correct, after the followup dispute. Ok I will handle the CFPB dispute tomorrow. I have done it twice before so I am a little familiar with the process. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks. Yes I have done all that and all I got was the response I posted above which was "We have researched the collection account... We verified this items belongs to you. We have verified this items has been reported correctly. If you have additional questions about this items please contact: (goes on to list CA)." I assume my CFPB complaint should state that EQ did not verify the debt. Should I send copies of letters for proof of the CM receipts?
  4. Sorry I forgot the other part. I do not believe that I do have any records. I suppose I could call the hospital. This was in relation to a hand injury where I received about 10 different bills. I am a health insurance broker so I am familiar with the nonsense behind hospital billing. I have a vague recollection of telling them I was never provided the services that I was billed for but I am not 100% sure that was for this $99.
  5. Thanks as always for the response Why Chat. Okay so my earlier post said there was one medical account left on all 3 reports. That account is now gone from all 3 CRAs. The weird thing about THAT account is it was just removed with no confirmation from the CRAs so I dont know if I should be worried it may come back. The letters were mailed on 8/4/15 so it has not been a month. Perhaps something will come soon. There is now only one collection showing anywhere (sorry I did not mention earlier) which is a $99 medical collection on Equifax. It says Collection Reported 08/2015 (this just upd
  6. Ok so just an update and a couple of questions. Per my earlier comments Why Chat's letter program was remarkable. There are two things I need some help with. 1. The aforementioned medical collection is now gone from all 3 reports following the HIPAA letter to CA and follow up to CRA. I never received any type of formal response for the CRA's they simply removed it. Is there something I need to have for future in case it shows back up? It will not be at the 7 year mark for about 18 more months. 2. I do have one $99 medical collection showing only on Equifax. Following my HIPAA letter t
  7. I started on Why Chats program a few months ago, early June-ish. I followed it step by step. Some addresses got removed, not all. The first round of letters were remarkable. Everything was gone albeit most were outside the SOL. One account remained on all reports for a medical collection. This is what I cannot understand. All 3 CRAs came back and said something along the lines of updated, verified, or something very similar. Not a single one provided any of the information I requested. Im just trying to gain a better understanding. Are they required to provide the information we are reque
  8. All great info. Oddly enough today is day 31 and Why Chats letter worked. All 3 CRAs removed it. Im hoping it stays off. For $85 is isnt worth the headache.
  9. From a few other posts I read it sounded like the OC would not accept the payment since normally it has been sold to the CA. Am I incorrect?
  10. Last month I had a CA report a collection account in the amount of $85 on my Equifax and Experian reports. I tried sending dispute letters per WhyChats program. The letters were received on 7/6/15, basically a month ago per my certified mail receipt. I have not heard back from the CRA but I am assuming it will remain since the account still shows on my report as of today. I think it is for an old employees cell phone but for $85 I would rather just pay for it and move on. I just want to have them to agree to stop reporting it if I do pay it. I thought I have seen posts here with instructions o
  11. Thank you Moosetracks. Is the correct method to request them in writing from the CA or go directly back to Cigna who was the OC?
  12. I recently had a 5 year old account show up on my report. At the time I was selling health insurance for Cigna and they paid me a $600 commission to me personally. A few months later they then paid my agency for the same commission. I never deposited the original check, only the correct one. Using WhyChats letter I disputed with the CRA and the CA wrote me back enclosing a copy of my commission statement from Cigna, or the OC, showing the check being sent and an email from Cigna explaining it. The CA is now asking for me to call them if I have questions. I am guessing that is a bad idea but d
  13. Yikes and thanks for the advice. Being 6 years in I have sent WhyChats dispute letter to the CRA's as a starting point. Worst case it is off my report in 12 months but Id rather it be off NOW.
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